Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Get ready for Winter

As the temperatures drop we all tend to retreat into our homes. But for most us our homes are as cold on the inside as it is outside. We do not have the luxury of central heating as they do on other continents. But on the other hand, this is Africa and our winters are mostly less harsh. Still, here are a few tips for a cozier home during the colder months.

The very first thing I do is take out extra throws and pillows for sofas and chairs. Faux fur throws, pillows and even sheepskin rugs are very much in fashion and will add to a beautiful warm wintery feel to your space. If you are privileged enough to have a fireplace, make sure that you have enough firewood or gas.

Rearrange your furniture around the fireplace to create a pleasant winter-warming spot for reading, entertaining or just relaxing. Make sure that there is a thick area rug under foot to wear off the cold that seeps up from a cold floor. Layered rugs give a luxurious and warm look.

Although grey and blue are very popular décor colours, they tend to be “cold” colours. Introduce some visual warmth during winter by adding just a splash of colour. With blue go for yellow and orange and with grey add some soft pinks or warm purples.

As our days are becoming shorter and we sometimes get home after dark, make sure that your have a table or floor lamp that you can switch on in the entrance hall or at your front door. Use a bulb with a warm yellow glow to create a pleasant and inviting ambiance. If you do not want to leave the light on throughout the day, invest in a day-night control that will automatically switch on the light in the evening.

Place a mirror in such a way that you catch the last rays of the sun. This will introduce more light into your home and make it seem warmer. I absolutely love burning candles in winter. Arrange them on a large beautiful plate, tray or in different votives.

By placing them in from of a mirror will reflect their light and give a warm glow to the room. Add some metallic finishes as they will give your space a warm and comfy feel whilst reflecting extra light.

We all love spending time outside in summer and a big part the outdoors is the greenery. Bring some of that warmth in by investing in at least one indoor plant. Also use natural wood finishes in your décor items.

Winter is also the ideal time to buy flowers as they last so much longer than in our summer heat. In summer I prefer all white arrangements, but in winter go for a bunch of bright yellow or deep red roses.

For a drafty, badly insulated window you could add window treatment using fabrics that will help keep the cold out and reduce the cost of warming a room with a heater. A temporary roller blind made from thick thermal fabric will be a cost effective solution.

I hope this gives you some decorating ideas against the winter cold, making it a comfortable and enjoyable season. Happy snuggling until next week.

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