Wednesday 12 May 2021
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The Brains Behind ‘The Third Will’

Namibian filming industry has undergone a revolution with more local content being aired. While some of the content is lacking in terms of production work and acting skills, praise must be given where it’s due: they’ve tried and diversified. Maybe what is needed is a bigger investment in the local productions for sterling quality. Nevertheless, Namibia’s first drama series ever, ‘The Third Will’ has hit way on Zambezi Magic which is absolutely a way to go for Namibia.

‘The Third Will’ is the brainchild of Bienvenu Lukoki who is the director and the man on the production set is Frans Kruger. They narrate that the idea of the series came to their minds in 2004 when Lukoki was still a producer and editor at Trinity Broadcasting Namibia.

They started writing the first 26 episodes in December 2013 and in 2014 they finalized the script and started shooting that same year.

“My colleague used to tell me that we needed to work on the series and never thought of where the money was going to come from. At the moment we were doing our research meanwhile shooting our short films. We then started writing bit by bit but it was not easy so when we wrote four or five episodes we threw the scripts into cupboards and forgot about it. Seven years later we went back to our scripts and restarted again,” said Bienvenu who has been filming for 15 years now.

The two gentlemen say that hail the success of The ‘Third Will’ to their passion which is what kept them going. “It was very difficult especially that we didn’t have sufficient funds but we made it. It was a miracle how we made it because to start a series one needs millions but we didn’t have the millions. We started with a mere N$5000,” exclaimed Bienvenu.

Frans also added that they didn’t have a lot of money in the beginning but they were concentrating on having the series come to realisation. He also said that their prayer has come true. “We have been praying that we want to do something for Namibia and we feel that it is a prayer answered. We wanted to create this industry, we wanted to create a brand and prove that Namibia can also do a TV series; Namibia can also do a soapy. So that is the thing that was really pushing us. With our dream and the passion we decided to give it a go and here we are.”

Why a TV series?

“The thing that inspired us was that we wanted to create a platform for Namibian actors to become celebrities. If you do a short film it’s just a matter of producing it, it goes once on TV and then everybody forgets about it. But if you come up with a thing like a series or a soapy it’s something that is going to be continuously on the TV screen and then people will start identifying with the actors. It was not about us but a situation where we wanted to develop the actors,” said Frans.

“Currently, we are really trusting God that a sponsor will come on board so that we can turn this into a soapy. Once it turns into soapy it will go on forever. The reason we want it to be a soapy is because we want to create job opportunities. We are looking at 50 job opportunities that we can create so it is our dream to also come on board and help the government with job creation. In this case we are speaking of 50 permanent actors who will get jobs and then the technical crew behind, so it will at least be 70 people employed through this.”

The story line

It is full of drama, love and suspense. It narrates a story of the battles that ensue and family feud that arises when the breadwinner passes on. ‘The Third Will’ drama series revolves around the Kamati family. Hendrick Kamati was a multi-millionaire who started a company that exports meat. When mister Kamati signed the will he left one copy with the lawyer and took the original will and a copy that he had to give to the mistress. He got a heart attack on his way home and the original will slipped out of his hand. It was then picked up by his gardener who later got chased out of the house when Kamati passed on. The gardener tried taking the will to the mistress but he was chased away by the mistress’ sister and left with the will. That is why everyone is fighting to get the original will because nobody knows where it is, hence

‘The Third Will.’

The cast

The first season had a cast of 35 people and ten others were added during the second season which makes it a total of 45 cast in the third season. Currently, 60 percent of the actors are experienced and the 40 percent got trained onset through rehearsals.

“The actors are quite easy to work with because they really love acting. A lot of them have 8 to 5 jobs but what they really want to do is acting so if we can create a platform for them to switch from their 8 to five jobs into fulltime acting it will be great. The actors also love being onset,” said Frans.

So far there are five seasons of ‘The Third Will’ that are written and they are currently busy shooting season three which is set to be launched as from middle July to end of July. “So far everything has been shot in Windhoek but according to the script anything can happen anytime. Not sure whether it’s in season four or season five there is a scene where we will need to go to Swakopmund, for example. But when we switch over to a soapy anytime if the need arises for us to go out of town we will go,” said Frans.

Young people are really excited about ‘The Third Will’ reason being that it is a story that s relevant to our society. When someone dies families fight over the assets of the deceased or they take everything from the wife. At the same time it is a lesson to our African people that to stop treating the widows that way. It is an African story that we are telling and everybody is benefiting out of The Third Will. Adults and the youth like watching it. What makes it more of hype is that our own people that we know are the ones acting so people can relate easily with them.”

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