Wednesday 12 May 2021
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I need not to care, but I do!

Just like white people and educated women, I am bothered by so many things, even those I cannot change. I enjoy speaking about some of these things because I honestly feel they should happen and the others just disturb me anyways.

Anybody who know the MfK character in me will tell you that I hate the other team, church, bitchery (sometimes) and the hypocrites of these society. Equally so, I think there are a few things that just need to stop.

I do not know if being stupid is a blessing or maybe I’m the one left in the dark and need to catch up. Until this day, I think I skipped the day when posting with alcohol was said to be the new definition of enjoying life. It puzzles my intelligence how grown-up men are still chopping life with their grey pubic hair.

People are feeding families and saving up are buying houses while all you do is drink every weekend and have no shame for showing what your life is all about.

I know it’s not my money but you are putting us in bad books. When the biological clock starts ticking and you can actually hear the ‘tick tick’ sound, you are doomed. Grow up Tate Small Boy.

Churches are the second on my list. I believe the easiest way to get rich today is by becoming a pastor in a foreign country because Africans as a whole have some intelligence repellent for their countrymen.

While I have double standards on religion as a whole, I think the one thing scientists are yet to find is that church, money and dick/vagina are the most effective catalysts to stupidity. Poverty has not helped either.

Churches are the reason why black people will not prospers, at least the followers. You are told to wait for your heaven when you pass while your pastor is living his life and feasting on your daughters. Mxxm.

Sometimes I just think, what if you die one day and discover that there is no heaven and the Promised Land? I can imagine the regret and the thoughts of what you would have done. But it’s cool, we need such things to be as such because of some sort of order.

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s who I am and need not to be told otherwise. I have a problem with my sisters when it comes to self-identity.

The madams are being confused everyday by men and they seem to just follow whoever holds the mirror. Facebook is the new acceptance accreditation centre of who young girls are.

She puts up a picture of herself in church clothes, she gets 5 Likes – from the best friend, cousin, the naughty aunt, ex-boyfriend and the pastor’s wife. She posts a picture revealing a bit of boob and behind, she gets more than 1000 Likes in two hours from all taxi drivers, varsity boys, and friend requests from those who realize there is new stock on the market. Poor girl is confused and starts getting a big head from everyone giving her a new identity and walking their way up her knees.

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where whoever defines you makes you go down for anything. The churches have successfully done this and the comrades are following suit. Madam, with your bicycle head, nobody needs to define you, after all, if they don’t like you for your face without make up, then all they want is what you reveal next. Toys are meant to be played with, so don’t be shocked when he starts tickling you and separating your legs, that’s what Barbie the doll goes through.

I’m also starting to hate useless people. People who have lost all relevance, just like the photographers at Zoo Park have lost clients when someone stopped watering the grass at the park. These are people who sleep when they see a bed, eat when they see food and erect when they see a Foschini charity skirt.

The sense of order in their lives – dololo. I also add that these are idiots who are forever celebrating the wealth of others and that is all they do. I have friends who would be talking about the rich people in these country and you want to believe they get it from behind for the talking. Build your own wealth so that you can have a few fools to celebrate you too. Your molested intelligence needs not to be heard.

And finally, it pokes me with displeasure at a place I cannot mention when madams are failing the basics. The University of Life offers practical experience but the brave are those who understand the theory. It’s easy to kill the dreams of a girl but it’s risky to kill that of a boy.

There are more women in graves than men in jails so that should be enough to guide you how to play safe. And do not be Nguvi because society will not always forgive those who fall in the same pit. If you cannot deal with the embarrassment, don’t do it at all. Never attempt to paint a picture that you wouldn’t want to hang on the wall.

I hate you too. 

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