Friday 18 June 2021
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Declutter & Organise

I think one of the issues most homeowners struggle with is how to handle clutter, especially if you have a full-time job and/or small children. Since you have spent quite a fair amount on your home, it should look serene, inviting and organized. Allow me to give you a few tips on how to reduce clutter, clean up, and store better.

The secret to organising your home starts with creating additional storage. One of the best places is to use the vacant space under your beds, coffee table, sideboards etc. Just remember to make it look stylish as well. For under a bed, wooden boxes mounted on wheels, for easy access, works well. Alternatively buy sturdy carton boxes and cover them with paper or fabric to suite the look and feel of the room. Such boxes with lids are available at a reasonable price (around N$30 each) from most large stationers. Beautiful wooden crates, available from most décor retailers, are another option for storing that unwanted clutter. You can even paint and label them to fit with your décor or to make it easy for the kids to know where to put their toys.

It you have lots of mismatched storage unit under a bed, make sure that the bed has a “bedskirt” to cover any unsightly items. A proper bedskirt for a wooden framed bed tends to pull up at the corners. A simple solution is to attach the rough side of Velcro to the wood and the skirt can be attach with the other side of the Velcro, just remember for the best fit the bedskirt must be the same dimensions as the bed. This is a simple and easy way to remove the bedskirt for washing, without the normal hassle of a traditional bedskirt.

Beautifully covered boxes of different sizes can be incorporated into your décor as way to store cluster especially those kids’ toys that always seem to be lying around.

Baskets have made a comeback and are in fashion again. So why not get yourself a few stunning baskets and place them everywhere in your home. They are great for storing TV-blankets, toys, games and even shoes. For that matter, baskets are a stylish way to organise almost anything, from your towels in your cupboard, to your toiletries in your bathroom or even your cooking utensils in the kitchen. And if they become old and worn, you can give them a second chance by changing them into gorgeous planters for your patio.

To tame the tangles of all the electronic gadgets in your bedroom, study and kitchen try a multi-slotted charging station or create a charging drawer. A good idea is to also label cables to know which cable belongs to which plug and electric gadget (since these days all the cables look the same for the different gadgets).

I always say want not waste not. Do not accumulate unwanted and unused goods. Give it away or sell it. It might be that something somebody else was looking for to finish off his or her new kitchen or dining room. I regularly go through my wardrobe and cupboards and take out that which I know will not be reused. This makes organizing and reducing clutter so much easier.

Happy organizing!

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