Sunday 16 May 2021
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Are Young people Taking Peace for Granted?

“Youth should not take peace for granted” is a statement that many young people in this country are familiar with because we are expected to watch our country crumble down without having a say. We are expected to live in mediocrity, let it seep through our pores and permeate our souls.

There is a glass ceiling that is placed over us but until when are we supposed to be shackled in this darkness? Even after decades of freedom songs being sang we never really experience freedom, except that of walking freely on the streets.

In Namibia you are only supposed to chew on the little that you are offered and shouldn’t even demand more than that. Growing up I thought that our leaders were the stand-up folks who would do everything to ensure the wellbeing of the country as a whole.

I thought they were saints dressed in all white. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to hear stories and I realised that things were not totally black and white.

There were a lot of shades of grey in between. There are stories of people who desperately hoarded wealth for decades at the expense of our country’s development, hence the country’s current situation of financial headwinds. Look at what our leaders have gotten us into!

And I get that I was born in an era when people just do not have the privilege of demanding more from their leaders. We are being taught to take what is given to us without an ounce of complaint, or better yet to understand the status quo.

And speaking of the status quo, you do realise it can be changed right? That beyond your myopic view of reality there lays a whole horizon of possibilities but unfortunately you are expected to believe that corruption is OK.

Our health system has been the way it is since before anyone can remember and we are forced to accept that it is broken. This is only a giant pain in our necks because we haven’t made it enough to afford private hospitals. Our education system isn’t provisional enough and when students ask for better they are pushed back.

Some of us are afraid to confront our leaders thus we only scream about their corruption from afar and leave the fight against to a few brave souls while suffering in silence. The reason these brave souls choose to take a stand is not because they want to bring the country to war or disruption but to the standard where it is supposed to be.

How are we supposed to move forward if people in the frontline are pushing us back? Or are we just supposed to sit back and watch how our beautiful country crumbles down? Honestly most of us have been tired all our lives and we are tired of the same songs being sung over and over.

Young people should freely step out of their numbing hazes and realise what has been deemed impossible. Their voices need to be heard and attended to because they are the future and whatever goes wrong now will be at their expense as future leaders. This is not disrespect our dear leaders but we cannot sit and watch you play your hat tricks without having a say.


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