Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Campus Lifestyles

When you enter the doors of tertiary, one never really knows what awaits you. The first couple of weeks you will maintain your innocence and stick to your old high school circle, but your craws and true colours will eventually come out. High school taught you ninety nine things, but campus lifestyles weren’t one. There are endless freedoms, from choosing which course to take, what time to attend –if you want to attend- class and most importantly, who you want to be.

The Diligent Student Lifestyle

A diligent student is the one who seem to always get it right, assignments are always on time, tests on point. This is the kind of student who studies all day erday and you wonder if they even got a life, yet they still come moaning to you about how the “test wasn’t nice”, and that they failed and what –what: when we all know that they passed.

The Procrastinator

Not a total opposite of the diligent student, just that this one thrives on last minutes things. Does not really have much to do, but just never seem to have things done on time. He hustles for the diligent student’s assignments to “compare”, but in the end he gets his thing done at the eleventh hour. This is the type of lifestyle that moat students pursue; don’t be that guy.

The Baller Lifestyle

To keep up with this lifestyle, there is only one rule: Never Get Caught. This guy knows what is happening and where it is lit, because he is forever there, never mind if there is an exam tomorrow, he will be there, because he always has his secret weapon that aids him with his assessments. Better yet, he would approach the hustler for his services, a guarantee into the exams.

The Hustler Lifestyle

If you think juggling a pair of balls is hard enough, try being the hustler on campus. This is the type of student who can sell you anything and everything. Forever on the go, never has a minute to sit and study, but somehow always manages to pass their assessments, and you wonder how.The hustler student lifestyle revolves around easy money and quick cash this includes doing other people’s assessments for a price or and social media sales, this student is an entrepreneur from birth, but you will never find them doing business related courses.

The Nguvies

Latest iPhones and longest weaves, make-up on point and nails always well done, this lifestyle is hard to sustain but how do you think this student maintains this lifestyle? I doubt that the annual NSFAF refund can supply the kind of gadgets that one finds on this Chiquita unless of course there is a blesser involved. The ‘Nguvi’ lifestyle is not for the mild hearts, you have to be strong and smart, invest because in the end, one has to lose- and that is you. Because once the blesser goes back to his wife, you will end up on anti-depressants,  probably still in your first year, with hair falling out because you were too busy trying to be the main when we all know and everyone knows that the side never ever becomes a main, you get replaced.

So think, and choose wisely, who do you want to be?

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