Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Namibian taste experiencing: true African cuisine

Namibia is said to have some of the best foods worldwide. It offers a great variety of mouth-watering dishes and meals that uses recipes found locally. These dishes have a history behind them that tell an interesting story and add color to the dish. There are a lot of exotic spices that further add to the wonderful experience. Most of the time the preparation of some of these dishes follows a rigorous traditional process that is believed to be the best way to achieve the best result with the particular dish.

However, keeping in the roots of each dish, Africans have been incorporating western trends into the deliberate method of the preparation of African dishes so that the end result even though still more African than European still tastes as delicious as they originally did.

Beef stew
This dish is prepared with potatoes, carrots and mixed veggies with a flavor of curry powder. It can be served with rice or pasta.

Beef Tongue
The beef tongue is cooked in a three legged pot for round about 60 minutes. The dish is prepared with onions, carrots and chicken stock with a season of salt and pepper. One may also garnish with fresh chopped parsley. Beef tongue is best served when warm.

Tripe and Lamb Trotter Curry
This dish is prepared with tripe and lamb trotters. It often cooked with onions, peeled and grated garlic cloves, seasoned with spices such as turmeric, chili powder and cinnamon with pinches of salt and sugar for a taste.

Calves liver
This is a quick dish prepared with beef liver, onion, tomato, salt and black pepper. It is best served whilst hot with baked bread.

Potjie Kos
Originated from South Africa, a potjie is prepared in a large, black three-legged cast iron pot that is placed on an open fire. Ingredients in this pot can be meat-based or chicken-based with vegetables. Some vegetarians might enjoy their plain vegetable pot. This meal usually takes about 3-4 hours; but with good company around the open fire, the wait is over before you know it and definitely worth the while.

Bream Fish
This is an easy dish, prepared with bream, onion, carrots, salt and pepper,It is best served with hot pap.

This is a spinach dish prepared with tomatoes and onions, seasoned with salt and pepper. Mutete is best served with pap.

This dish is prepared with soft beef pound together with salt, pepper and oil.
Pukka ox tripe & intestines
These are prepared with ox tripe and intestines, beef stock, garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and thyme as well as salt and pepper. One can serve them with hot pap or dumplings.

Roaster Bread
These are round bread balls prepared with bread flour, salt, sugar and yeast grilled on coal grill.

This is a dish of caterpillars cooked and fried with oil, onions and tomatoes for a crispy coating. The dish is believed to be highly nutritious and it can be served with hot pap.

This is a white bean dish prepared with salt and oil. It is served whilst hot with Marula oil (Onzoye) and hot pap.

This wild spinach dish is prepared with oil, tomatoes, onions and salt to taste. It is also served with Marula oil and hot pap.

Marathon chicken
This juicy chicken is traditionally cooked in a three legged pot with salt and oil and served with Onjove (Marula oil). To add a modern taste, one may add vegetables and season with spices of their choice.

Namibia has lots of tantalizing dishes to offer for all tastes. These are in fact just the tip of the ice berg. All in all there are lots of recipes that you could consider to make your meals a little more interesting.

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