Friday 14 May 2021
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Be humble or eat humble pie

Sometimes we forget that the wheel is round and what goes up will eventually come down. We become so idiosyncratic that we cannot think beyond our own needs. As humans we tend to put our own needs first but should it really be at the expense of others?

The world has become such a dog eats dog world that even those near and dear to you don’t really want you to succeed. Everyone wants you to do well but just not better them. People will literally step on each other toes and even go as far as murder just to be one step ahead. But what is at the helm of all of this? Why would someone go through lengths and breaths just to make someone else’s life a living hell? There are two possible answers, money and position.

People will do anything for money these days. Just to maintain the ‘made it in life’ lifestyle. This starter pack includes the latest jeep range, house in Avis, lounges at the Hilton and exotic holidays to Dubai. Surprisingly children would even kill their parents just to get their hands on their parent’s inheritance money. Friends betray trust that has been built over decades just because of a few millions. People who were once inseparable can’t seem to stand one another today and all this in the name of money. We often forget that no matter how big your house is or how recent your bank account is, our graves will always be the same size.

In our country people are famous for occupying positions and not fulfilling responsibilities. Individuals would spend decades in positions and procedures would be as pathetic as when they started. People are so infatuated with being called the CEO, COO and manager so the minute they detect that someone more capable is a threat to their position, they attack viciously.

People would protect their positions with tooth and nail. They would almost sell their souls to maintain it and it’s utterly sad as in reality, no matter your social status or how powerful you may feel, we are all equal because the truth is we came to earth by birth and will leave in death.

We can all have a slice of the cake if we have the curtesy of equal distribution. The Africans of yesteryear believed in sharing because it truly is caring. The spirit of Ubuntu teaches us that ‘I am because you are’ so we may be individuals first but we can never exist as islands.

Be humble enough to know that you’re not better than anybody and wise enough to know that you’re different from the rest.

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