Saturday 15 May 2021
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YOLO- Remember that your life is precious…

Yes, you only live once so you might as well just mess up your entire life! This is typical how Namibians comprehend the definition of ‘YOLO’. It’s also one of the most frequent terms abused by the millennial generation, but seemingly this form of slang has also transcended to the older generation of people.

At the age of 12 one would expect a child still plays with dolls/toy cars, watches Nickelodeon, runs bare feet in the street and rolls the day away in sand. He/she has little to no responsibilities, with no care in the world let alone any relationship problems. This is however not the case for most 12 year olds I know. They are at the stage of talking about multiple boyfriends, attend the latest parties and going out till all odd hours of the night. Something that is completely absurd to me but apparently they are living their lives.

Someone once said to me that me that my columns are becoming increasingly emotional but as humans we are emotional beings and the things that occur in my society make me very emotional. It becomes emotional seeing how young people are simply just throwing their lives away and how they are natural unbothered about their actions.

Young men drive recklessly on our roads causing what I regard as ‘unnecessary deaths’. This is all done in the name of living life, being young, wild and free. Picture this-  a young man that recently graduated with Cum laude from university and is a qualified engineer. He works for one of the most credible engineering consultants in the country, earns a five figure salary and has just purchased his first vrrrpaah.

His entire family is so proud of all that he has managed to achieve in such as short amount of time. His mom is called at 02h00 am in the morning only to be told that her son has died in a fatal car accident and she is shattered for life. This young man was at the pick of his life and because his money and car blew up his ego, he thought he could just cruze around the city at a speed of 200km/ph., while sipping on some Johnny Walker and chatting with his girlfriend seated in the back. And yes if you live by the sword you die by the sword and enviable the young die fast.

Well this however doesn’t end there as the young ‘tenderpreneurs’ of our Namibia have been baptised with the very same mentally. He is a millionaire today and tomorrow his bank account is in an overdraft. Once the money from the tender comes through he hosts a party for every Tom, Paul and harry. He splashes money on luxury trips and could care less if his grandparents in the north had a meal for the day. Please don’t get me wrong spoiling yourself with your hard earned money is not wrong but spending irresponsibly will make all your hard work worthless. Indeed it is true that you cannot take your material wealth to the grave its however about living a lasting legacy, so that one day when you are no longer around your children and spouse are financially well-off. And although this might not bring you back from the grave, those left behind don’t need to be left alone in the wilderness.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough –Mae West

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