Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Don’t Be That Girl

Growing up I have seen so many things happen to girls and it was never pleasant. A million and one thoughts would always run through my head and my heart would always be filled with so many emotions whenever I saw a girl being treated like a piece of trash because of her lame decisions. But as all of that happened all I ever thought of was “I don’t want to be that girl.”

What do I mean by not wanting to be that girl? Well, it’s simple really. Think about that girl that you see sometimes when there’s a social event, the one who is .02 inches away from showing the world her nipples or her bottoms.

The girl who always leaves a club alternating between crying, throwing up and wonder how she ended up in some guy’s room the next day, the girl that you once saw being pushed out of some guy’s car in the middle of nowhere, the girl that always made her parents yell and the girl that believed that she was not worth it because someone told her that. Now think of it, do you want to be that girl?
Do not be the girl known by everyone for the wrong reasons but be the girl known and respected for her decency.

Don’t be that girl who finds her worth in a man. Instead be the girl who looks to God and within herself to see the precious gem that she is because girl you’re a gem!

Don’t be that girl who trusts no one because she has been hurt too many times. Instead be the girl who takes that hurt and decides she never wants someone to feel that way as a result of how she has treated them.

Don’t be that girl who falls down and fails, and then looks up to try and find the person who pushed her down. Instead be the girl who falls down and fails, but then stands back up, dusts herself off, and takes responsibility for her own actions.

Don’t be that girl who doesn’t follow her dreams because someone told you it would never happen. Instead be the girl who doesn’t give up until her dreams come true, no matter what obstacles may stand in her way. Don’t be that girl who fights so hard for approval of others that she loses herself in the process. Instead be the girl who stands up for what she believes and never loses sight of becoming the most authentic version of herself.

The truth is, I have seen “that girl” many times in life and it is not the best thing ever.  I want better for you girl child. I want you to be the girl who people fear to touch or even spit bad words at because of your character. How you wear and present yourself should earn you respect.

I want you to feel secure enough in who you’re, that when the day comes along when someone tells you that you’re not good enough, or not worthy of their time, you’ll know they are not being truthful, and be able to walk away with your self-esteem still intact. I want you to see decency and think it is beautiful.

I want you to be that girl and not “that girl”.


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