Friday 14 May 2021
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They Need You

People around you need you and it is just as right to rise up for their sake. It doesn’t matter if it’s in times of difficulties or that of happiness, we all need others in our presence.

Even though a sound moral code suggests it is the right thing to do. It is disheartening though to find that many friendships disintegrate because of the lack of implementation of this principle.

When many of us succeed or reach a place of comfort, we struggle to help others. We struggle to share the right information with them, or alert them of available opportunities.

We often struggle with the idea that they might be as successful as we are, so we create a wedge between us and them and sometimes we go to the extent of pointing out their failures and making fun of them.

The same goes when success lands their way. We do not make effort in celebrating other people’s achievements.

This mostly happens because we compare our lives to others forgetting that we ordered different meals and cannot expect our meals to be delivered at the same time with theirs.

It might be true that no matter how hard we work, the universe seem to be conspiring against us. So when people come with news of their successes at such times, it gets difficult for us to celebrate with them because that only reminds us of our own failures. But is that not supposed to push us to work harder because then if they could do it, we surely also can?

I just think that there is something about genuinely celebrating with others that gives you indescribable peace.

It seems like when you genuinely allow yourself to experience the positive vibes of another person’s success you are reminding God that you are faithfully waiting on him to show up. When you genuinely celebrate the success of others, you are telling God that you trust Him to turn things around for you too.

Really there is no harm in cheering up others and just like the saying goes every dog has its own day. Your day too, shall come and what then? Will you be expecting others to celebrate your success or would you want it to slide without a single congratulations being said to you?

If you have been doing this, it is time to stop! Rise up on behalf of others and come to their assistance. Stop worrying about the possibility of them succeeding better than you! Stop trying to suppress them while you climb higher.

Rise up on their behalf and give them the help they need to succeed too. You will not lose your success by helping someone else. A candle never loses its light by lighting another candle.

If you’ve been ignoring the success of others, or failing to appreciate them for how far they have come, it is time for you to change your attitude.

It is time for you to stop indulging bitterness, and start soaking in gratitude on behalf of others. Have no doubts; your breakthrough is coming!


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