Wednesday 12 May 2021
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NPC explains ND5 launch delay

The National Planning Commission says its broad partnership approach of conducting consultations with various stakeholders within and outside government delayed the launching the highly anticipated Fifth Development Plan (NDP5) which was due for launching last month. This was announced by NPC’s spokesman Fillemon Nangonya following media enquiries. Economic and Planning Minister Tom Alweendo was on record earlier this year saying the NDP5 will be launched in March 2017.
“NDP5 will be launched by President Geingob in May 2017, the date of the launch will be communicated accordingly. We are confident that NDP5 encapsulates the very essence of our development ambition and captures inputs from all our relevant stakeholders, while ensuring cohesive policy alignment and coordination,” the statement reads. Nangonya further stressed that the formulation process for NDP5 embraced the concept of broad partnership in pursuit of Namibia’s national development goals.
“The formulation process took on an integrated approach with extensive consultations carried out with a wide variety of stakeholders, both within the Government and outside the Government. Public commentary was sought to ensure that the voices of fellow citizens were heard and that their contributions were fully and properly considered in the achievement of our development goals,” Nangonya explained. In addition to public commentary, regional consultations on NDP5 were held in all 14 regions which allowed members of the public the opportunity to submit input to the draft document of NDP5. Nangonya said during the implementation phase of NDP4 the National Planning Commission was able to learn the importance of consultations with potential beneficiaries of such development plans.  “One of the most important lessons we have learned during the implementation of the NDP4 is that a plan is an effective development tool only when the potential beneficiaries have helped to shape such a plan.  “The implementation of our national development plans is very crucial, hence the National Planning Commission, in collaboration with stakeholders, has developed an Integrated Performance Framework which will guide the monitoring and evaluation of NDP5 and consecutive national plans,” added Nangonya.
In a separate interview with The Patriot earlier this year, Minister of Economic Planning Tom Alweendo said they conducted “so many consultations” nationwide.  This was in response to questions whether one month (March 2017) was sufficient for members of the public to submit input on the much talked about NDP5. At the time Alweendo said: “This is not the first time (for public input), we’ve had so many consultations with so many different people, (and) so we just thought as the last attempt, we are going to be there for everyone to comment”. “It’s not like this is the first time, we went to all the regions, we have so many focus groups with the private sector people, but we just felt again to put it out again so that whoever may want to comment can do so”.

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