Friday 18 June 2021
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And the Artist of the Year is…

Event:  7th Namibian Annual Music Awards  Venue:  Walvis Bay- NDC Building, !Nara Namib
Date:  28 & 29 April 2017   Mood:  Sleek, glamourous and quite a party !

1.Anchux, Six and Zulu   2. Desmond   3. Hilya, Matti and Emilia  4. June and Paul   5. Kalistu Mukoroli and Leah Misika   6. Kallo on the Beat, Lavy ya Lava and Tulisan  7. Katrina, Linrico and Belinda   8. Liina and Steve 9. Mufaro and Twaku   10. Menesia Muinjo and sister Ruusa   11. Oteya    12. Selma Kaulinge and Innocent Shangombe

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