Wednesday 21 April 2021
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‘Stop working contrary to Swapo Constitution’

Former Swapo Party Youth League secretary Dr. Elijah Ngurare fired a barrage of criticism at Swapo’s secretary for legal affairs Dr. Albert Kawana over claims that he was paid out for the remaining two years of his term.The embattled youth leader also accused the party’s leaders of flouting the party rules for which they sacrificed so much for.He also accused Kawana of working contrary to the spirit of Swapo.“I would humbly appeal that as our Secretary of Legal Affairs it would be prudent for you to continue serving the interest of the SWAPO Party instead of working contrary to spirit of the SWAPO constitution and applicable Namibian law,” he said in a strongly-worded letter addressed to Kawana dated 17 February 2017.“I therefore put it to you and to your conscience that you are historically being an accomplice of deliberately violating the Constitution of the SWAPO Party. I simply fail to understand why some of you who have sacrificed so much for the Party now all of a sudden you disrespect its rules and procedures in the way injustice was applied to us with the illegal expulsion. I simply fail to comprehend the rationale,” he said.
Ngurare accused the party of deliberately and maliciously ignoring and twisting the letter and spirit of the ruling of 22 April 2016.“This I find most disturbing from people who are supposed to be leaders of us all. The fault, as posterity shall judge, lies not with the Party but with you who decide to misuse and abuse power in contravention of the Party rules and procedures. You know only too well, Comrade Senior, that in SWAPO Party, elected positions, are filled at conferences or congress respectively no other back doors. This was the essence of the ruling and you know it,” he said.He added: “Why then would you advise that ‘the positions were filled’ or to suggest that I am now old, which clause of the constitution says the incumbent should cease being a leader upon being old? When was the Extra Ordinary Congress of SPYL that filled our positions as elected at Congress in 2012? You claim, in the letter drafted for SG, that Cde Job Amupanda resigned from NEC but you failed to produce a letter accepting his resignation from me after all he wrote to me not to SG.” Challenging the party’s claims that he was paid out, Ngurare charged: “You are the Secretary of Legal Affairs of the SWAPO Party. Yet with a smile you partook in the injustice meted against us and in violation of SWAPO Party Constitution and theNamibianConstitution including the Labour Act (for I am a full time employee of the Party until the next Congress). There was a propaganda story in a weekly newspaper recently titled “SWAPO pays out Ngurare”. That implies that a discussion was entered into between myself and my employer (SWAPO Party to pay out the remaining two years of my contract).

We all know that no such thing happened why speak about payout when it never happened, or referring to it as a “dispute”. Why couldn’t it be said that it was a back pay of six months in 2015?” he said.The letter came days after the party’s secretary general Nangolo Mbumba reportedly confirmed that the ruling party has settled its dispute with Ngurare, over salary payments owed to him.“I telephoned you several times this week[February] and you opted not to return those calls. The objective was to say that injustice is not a statute or a monster in the purgatory between heaven and earth but it is the creation of people especially those with semblance and flagrant abuse of power,” he wrote. Ngurare was unceremoniously booted out of his post and the ruling party in July 2015, without a disciplinary process.His expulsion from the party, along with that of Job Amupanda, George Kambala and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, was later overturned by the High Court last year. They were booted from the party for their land activism campaigns.Kawana this week declined to discuss the contents of Ngurare’s letter.“In the spirit of unity I do not discuss party matters in public. The organization has rules and procedures that aggrieved members can follow. And by the way, only those authorized to talk with the media can do so,” said Kawana. He added: “Those who have problems with me can follow the relevant procedures and take up the matter.”Ngurare on the other hand, confirmed writing the letter but refused to discuss it.

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