Monday 19 April 2021
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Never outgrow your dreams

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,”- Marianne Williamson. These few words profoundly touched me. I thought to myself what hinders us from conquering our deepest fear and reaching greatness. It daunted on to me how significant it is to tap into the most magnificent God given tool which is the mind. The manner in which we do things, perceive things and comprehend things is purely on the basses of what we feed our minds with. And once the mind is fed with knowledge it broadens ones perspective and opens up new horizons.

Allow me to paint a fictional picture of a young lady named ‘Juaniva’ that finds herself somewhere in the streets of Khomasdal. She has fixed her mind to believe that she has to have a boyfriend that drives the latest Golf range. She works as a teller at a local bank and she can’t think beyond getting paid on the 20th of each month. Her thoughts primarily contain paying her Edgars account, settling her Brazilian hair deposit and spending next weekend at the coast.

This ‘boyfriend’ has to pick her up from work every day and pick her up late at night on weekends when she’s gone clubbing. Juavina has no children and rents the room in which she lives in. As a little girl she had great dreams and aspirations. She dreamt of travelling the world and meeting new people. She envisioned herself making a difference in her community and studying towards a career that would make her parents proud. So the question remains as to what happened to all her dreams? Well it’s simple, Juaniva’s mind became stagnant.
This is what happens to many of us when we find a job that pays us a decent salary. We put all our dreams on hold and build on someone else’s empire. We stop viewing life from a three-dimension angle and our minds become poor and malnourished. Our lives become a set of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if only’. If there is anything that sets us apart as humans it would be the unique abilities we have to apply our minds and come up with new and innovate things, tackle polices and owning cars of our own instead of sitting left front.

Until we do not fulfil the desires we had as little children and be imaginary adults that are able to translate dreams into reality we live unjust lives. It’s true that our dreams don’t always become a reality but take a look around you and look at the people that are truly living towards their purpose.

There is a clear distinction between the nurse at Katutura hospital that is passionate about her job and wakes up every day with a mission to help and assist her patients, compare to the nurse that opted to study nursing because working for the government is beneficial. They are both nurses but only one has conquered her deepest fear and made her dream a reality.

Dear reader your challenge today is to acknowledge and embrace your imperfections. Position your mind in such a way that view challenges as opportunities and most importantly don’t ever derail from your dreams. Remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.

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