Monday 12 April 2021
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National Sports Colours Awards Return

The Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) reintroduced the official awarding of national sports colours in Windhoek yesterday. The colours which are awarded to sports codes travelling out of the country for international participation was first awarded to the Archery Federation of Namibia. The team will be competing for the African title alongside Zambia, Botswana and South Africa in Swakopmund this weekend. The team manager, Beanta Viviers said that the competition will also be an opportunity for the archers to prepare for the world championship that will be taking place next year hopefully in South Africa or Namibia. The commission chairperson, Joel Matheus wished the archery team good luck for the competition and urged them to hold the Namibian flag very high. Matheus also stressed that it is important to ensure that the name of the country is kept very high at all times.
On the same note Simataa Mwiya, the new Chief Administrator of the commission mentioned that they have established a new way of inviting national team players to acknowledge their achievements. “You have become ambassadors of our beautiful country and we are very much proud. Archery is the first sport code to receive the colour awards so you have made history,” he expressed. The team was presented with a code of conduct endorsed by the commission. The code of conduct serves as the guideline of how national team players must conduct themselves on the sporting fields, aircraft or at the launches. It also reminds them that they are sports ambassadors and should therefore represent their codes accordingly.
Viviers expressed gratitude towards the sports commission for having awarded them with the national colours. The archery members who received the national colours are Beanta Viviers, Liezel Schoeman, Rene Rosler and Dirk de Bod.
On the same occasion the commission also recognised the achievement of Julius Indongo who recently added a WBA super lightweight title to his own IBF and IBO world championship belts. Mwiya stated that the commission invited the champion to acknowledge the achievement that he has done for the country. “Sport is one of the growing industries in this country and as a growing industry it can also alleviate unemployment because through sport, we can employ many youth and through sport, we can be able to open up many industries,” he noted.
Julius Indongo expressed how difficult it is to be recognised in the world saying that for one to receive such recognition they have to work hard, have confidence and motivation. “Let’s keep supporting sports not just financially but also with motivation. It is the only way we can keep our country and raise our national flag higher,” he said.

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