Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Comedian Joshua Ncube inspires those in the creative art

Event:  Art Talk with Joshua Ncube   |  Venue:  The Loft Warehouse Theatre
Date:  25th April 2017    |  Mood:  Lots of laughter


1. Raa Ngurauva  and Ndemufayo Shilunga   2. Pohamba Pohamba  and Julio  3. Joshua Ncube, Goodie the badd and Nelsy Ncube   4. Mista-Poke, October and  Anthony Molosi

5. Courage the Comedian and Fernando-Tafish  6. Laone   7. Popyeni Kaxuxwena and Mzomuhle Sibanda  8. Harry Msimuko  9. Michelle Memani   10. Tappz and Alberto

11. Jerome Arab  12. Eddie and Ama

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