Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Bitter love to my sisters

I love women, and young girls. As such, I want to be nice today and give free advice to my sister, something Life Skills or Psychology class never cares to tell you. I make peace with the fact that we men are dogs and that is kind of an open secret. But while we try to find a solution to this problem, I will forever say that women must play their role and make it hard to be screwed over and over. I have sisters and as a guy too, I know what we do to women. Its not nice because the truth is we don’t care. If you allow us to screw you, we will do just that. So why do I care to tell you this regardless. Because I care, at least for today.

Let’s start with girls (I will call them girls because women are supposed to be matured) who help guys cheat on their madam boss, the true and original baby mamas in the making. In fact, you have graduated because your para-abled brain is just on another level. The fact that you can cheat with me on my girlfriend speaks volumes beyond any velocity of maturity. It strikes my brain with some brain stroke because I just can’t comprehend how you first value yourself (if the word value even means anything to you) and secondly, expect the better space. True talk from a guy who has probably done this more than the fingers on my hands: if you accept to be a side chick, that is exactly who and what you will be for as long as I want to continue playing. You are cheap and that is why losing you is just the same as having you. You add no value to the meaning of a possible relationship beside in bed of course. You are only valuable for the bedroom and in the absence of madam. Assistant To Madam (ATM) is what you are. And don’t tell me about love because you deserve nothing close to that.

And then I have a problem with they who have zero ambition to grow, mentally. You are 25, have zero income, zero true relationship and zero education. I worry for these sisters (I leave out the brothers deliberately). These are the sisters who were running around the last two weekends chopping graduation parties left, right and centre. These were the same sisters this week feeling annoyed when graduates continued posting their victory photos.

I really don’t understand how your head works at that age – how it doesn’t bother you that you wake up every day and celebrate your junk status. If you want an honest opinion about people like the above described from MfK, here’s my take: Sisters like this are only good for inviting to parties because you know they always pay for the free drinks in kind. These are the girls we invite when my friends ask if there will be chicks at the party because they will always bring a friend. These are the madams we know understand the no-strings-attached contract. They know it was just for the evening and you can call them again because they belong to whoever can afford the drinks for the night. You are valuable, but just for fun because your company and your vagina is all you can offer anyways. And we don’t mind paying for that. I will say it again – If all you can offer this world is vagina, then you are doomed my sister because every other woman has that. Your vagina does not even come close to the value of a Lingua College certificate, so get a f”kken education.

By the way, when will you ever bring people together to celebrate an achievement of your own besides your birthday and probably your funeral? You surely are not marriage material so kill that dream. When?

They say if she start posting about faith and some Bible verses, chances are she got dumped or life has screwed her again for the fifth time (the same way). These are the sisters who thought he was different from the rest and decided to open their legs even before knowing if he has money to buy himself bathing soap. They say sometimes good pipi amputates her ability to think, as such, it becomes easy to fool them. These are the madams who think good sex and love are synonyms. These are the madams I sometimes just wonder why they are in some relationship with some vision-less brother.

Eish, it’s not easy but I understand that probably the guy you wanted just doesn’t give it right. But here is the truth, good dick doesn’t pay the bills. It doesn’t buy the nappies if things go wrong. You are the type of people, regardless of your beauty and education, we will run from when you finally wake up. One day your children will ask you how you got it right to sleep with their father. We love you but please look for other priorities because d£ck alone does not guarantee you a future. Don’t curse your children like that. Try being sober mentally – it might help with your sexual preferences.

I know it’s a bit cruel but that is what your parents won’t tell you. Your own father won’t because he too is probably still busy. Think of your siblings manufactured outside your house. I understand it’s difficult to know who is right and who is another MfK especially because men know What you want to hear, When you want to hear it, Where you want to be taken, Why it would be good to take you there and How you want it to be invited.

That’s as far as I can go for today.
With bitter love from MfK

MFK is a satirical column, written by a nameless individual. His views are not endorsed by the editorial policy of the publishers.

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