Monday 14 June 2021
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Their tears might come back to haunt you ?

So you didn’t make it in school. And you`re approaching 30. The clock is ticking. What do you turn to when you are at a critical age in your life where you should’ve had a stable life, stable job, stable boyfriend and potential father to your kids?

You’ve done it all and are just looking to settle down. You will do anything to secure a bright future for yourself. One that you were not brave enough to afford yourself with all the endless opportunities that were at your disposal.

This is for the woman who feels hopeless and feels like a failure. Yes, you. Don’t be tempted to being the person on the left front seat. Don’t be tempted to being a doormat, a bootlicker the rest of your adult years. Stand up for yourself and turn your life around. Have so much pride and respect yourself enough to never allow someone`s son to boast that they are the reason why you have the finer things in life.

Or that they saved you from poverty, prostitution or whatever the situation. You are also someone`s daughter. Have a story to tell. A story that will inspire those who will come after you. Make it easy for people to want to read your eulogy.

Don’t be the reason why someone`s mother is crying all night because she doesn’t recognise her son anymore. She has sacrificed so much. She has invested her last penny to ensure that the cycle of poverty doesn’t continue in her family. Oh, the prayers she had prayed. The sacrifices she had made. She has been so selfless. And then you come along wanting to eat the fruit of someone else`s labour. Have you no shame?

You have not an idea of what you are doing. These are real people, a real family. This is not some fairy tale where you meet Prince Charming and then you have your happy ending. The book does not end with “…and he spent all his money on her and they lived happily ever after.” What about the people who have been there through it all.

These people who have made this, all this that you feel so much entitled to, happen. What about his ex-girlfriend? With whom they share so many happy memories with.

They probably even still love each other. But because you are so ego-centric, so deeply rooted in your selfish desires, you will not set him free. That is not love. That is some type of business decision that you made for yourself.

Everything will always work out. And in the end, everybody will get what they deserve.  And you will reap what you sow, so be careful though. Don’t make the story too long because then the damage will be too much for you to handle.

And you are going to wish you could’ve done things differently. You cannot cheat the struggle. Other women your age and younger and going out there and making things work out for them. Do the same.

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