Monday 12 April 2021
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Carl Ncube live at Street Cuisine tonight

Carlpic5courage 2Home to the Matobo hills rock formations and Stone Age cave art. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is the birth place of stand-up comedian Carl Joshua Ncube. He has braved many dangers by migrating from his country of birth to neighboring state South Africa and making this his new home. Considering the tough career choice that he has made Carl seems to be making heat waves in South Africa as one of the most-sort after comedians. The former security guard is also a gynecological nurse, animator and ad agency owner and he is the perfect depiction of the story of making it from rags to riches.

A few years ago during the /Ae //Gams Festival, the  Zimbabwean born stand-up Comedian came to perform at the Warehouse Theatre with Free Your Mind and almost brought the house down. Now he is back in Namibia for Comedy Sessions at Street Cuisine. This event takes place every last Friday of each month.

The event is proudly sponsored by Street Cuisine and Courage The Comedian is one of the main organisers of the event. “The aim of the event is to encourage more Namibians to watch live comic shows in the country,” said Courage.

More and more Namibians are showing a keen interest in comedy and generally the demand for comic shows are on the increase. “As a comedian myself this is an initiative of bringing comedy to the people,” he said.  Courage further explained that the reason why the show isn’t taking place a week later than intended is because he will be representing Namibia in Swaziland at the comedy festival.

As a constant feature at some of South Africa’s leading comedy clubs such as the likes of Parkers Comedy and Jive, Goliath Comedy Club and the Cape Town Comedy Club which was recently named as one of the top 10 of the best comedy clubs in the world, it comes as no surprise that Courage invited Carl to set the Namibians laughers a blaze.

“He is one of my mentors and one of the first Zimbabwean comics,” said Courage. Courage also emphasized on the fact that Carl has a broad laughing knowledge and a distinct ability to make smart jokes as he is an international performer.

Carl has been breaking barriers to bring Zimbabwean stand-up comedy to the world. He has performed in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, US, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Ivory Coast and South Africa where he has been a part of a number of festivals on the African continent namely Nite of a Thousand laughs, Johannesburg International Comedy Festival, Harare International Comedy Festival, Soweto Comedy Festival, Africa Laugh Festival, Presidents of Laughrica, Africa Laughs and Stand up Africa.

Carl is described by CNN as the new face of Zimbabwe comedy and by Comedy Central Africa and probably the funniest comedian to come out of Zimbabwe. This eccentric comedian is on a world tour and Namibia happens to be part excursion. The aim of his excursion is to tell his in-depth story about Zimbabwe to the world.

Courage insured Namibians that Carl’s level of funny would be very relevant and relatable to the Namibian context. “He will surely connect with the audience, if he can make the Asians crack of laughter than he definitely can do the same here,” he said.

Courage encouraged comedy lovers to come in numbers to show their support. “Namibians should come with their bellies full,” he laughed.

Be part of a true, incisive, thought provoking and wonderfully African perspective of stand-up comedy. The event is set to take place at Street cuisine Independence Avenue, from 19h30 till late. Other feature performers by will be by Courage The Comedian, Slick the dick and Janice.

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