Monday 12 April 2021
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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Untitled-1 try mnlmmkl iiuoiuo  Living in a small apartment does not imply that you should sacrifice on the interior design for the sake of functionality. With strategic planning, some décor tips and a little bit of creativity, a small space can be transformed into a fabulously decorated room, not having to stand back for its “bigger brother” in any way.

When decorating small space, most individuals will struggle with the use of colours. Start by using a predominantly neutral colour palette. Use bold colours carefully. Lighter, softer colours tend to make a room seem larger. Contrary to popular belief, darker colour can also work wonders in a small room (see the gorgeous dark walled bedroom) and create a cozy room. But sadly very few will be able to do this successfully, so please tread with caution. Many will say that white is the best colour for a small room, but I would generally not suggest this to a client. White tends to be very harsh. A light gray, greige or pastel colour will in most cases be a better option. Use similar colour furniture and fabrics, using different textures and finishes to create a layered look that adds depth without becoming boring.

Mirrors are a well-known décor trick used to reflect light and opening up a room to create the illusion of space. Furniture with glass or reflective tops will have a similar effect.

If your décor style permits, window should be kept unobstructed. Think roller, venetian or roman blinds. If you are going for curtains, hang the curtains as high as possible and at least as wide as it is high (if possible). Selecting a fabric that is a similar hue to that of the walls, will blur the lines between them, thereby adding to the impression of more space.

Make sure to purchase furniture that is in-scale with the size of the room. If you go for an overly large piece of furniture, make sure it takes centre stage. Purchase space saving and/or dual-functioning furniture. Examples would be such as an ottoman-coffee table with hidden storage or stacking side tables. Remember to not skimp on gorgeous lighting. An appropriately sized chandelier will add charm and drama to a small space.

The secret is to have as little clutter as possible, as an untidy room will seem unorganized, which will distract from its size. The key would therefore be storage. If need be use the vertical wall spaces. Think cupboards, drawers and floating shelves.

Here are a few specific tips:

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf will add additional storage and can become a successful focal point in a room;
Use the space under a stair by including cupboards and drawers;
In a small dining room swap some of the dining chairs for a built-in seating. This will allow you to move the dining table away from the centre of the room, thereby producing additional space;
In a small bedroom where there is very little space for a bedside table, not to mention a bedside lamp, go for wall or ceiling mounted lights.

Hope these ideas will help you make the most of your small space. Try and strike a balance between interior decorating and optimal functionality given the available space.

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