Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Tony Figueira passes on

Tony Figueira, arguably Namibia’s most popular photographer, has died. Figueira, a journalist and businessman, owned Studio77, a design studio.
Figueira was born in Angola. He studied journalism at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. As journalist, he worked for several radio stations including the Voice of America, and for anti-apartheid newspapers like The Rand Daily Mail.
Concentrating on photojournalism, Figueira became known for documenting key moments in contemporary Southern African history, for instance Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid visit to Robben Island, and Sam Nujoma’s return from exile.
The photographer has always made it known that his most memorable moment will always be the day Namibia achieved Independence.
Figueira suffered from Multiple myeloma. The National Art Gallery of Namibia in April/May 2015 ran an exhibition to support him, titled “For Tony.”

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