Monday 14 June 2021
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Rukoro says Geingob’s remarks are ‘irrelevant’

President Hage Geingob says youth unemployment in Namibia, which currently stands at 39.2 %, has a potential to destabilize the peace and stability that is currently enjoyed in the country but noted that government was doing everything in its power to arrest the issue.
Delivering his third State of the Nation Address (SONA) since taking office yesterday, President Geingob said youth unemployment in Namibia was a source of “concern” and carries with it a potential to undermine peace and stability.
Geingob said youth unemployment in Namibia was a source of “concern” and carries with it a potential to undermine peace and stability.
“The high unemployment rate, especially among the youth, which is estimated at 39.2 percent, is a source of concern. It is not that our economy does not have the ability to create jobs, it is the rate of job creation that is problematic.
“This insufficient job creation is attributable to investment flows that are largely concentrated in the resource sector and capital-intensive industries.
Youth unemployment has the potential to undermine the peace and stability in our country. We must summon the urgency and energy to implement transformational solutions,” said Geingob.
However, the President Geingob noted through the government’s five-year strategic plan (Harambee Prosperity Plan), his administration was doing everything “arrest” the issue of unemployment among the youth.
Moreover, one key strategy that is being deployed to arrest youth unemployment is the promotion of high quality vocational education and skills training.
According to Geingob, under the Harambee Prosperity Plan, over 24 000 students enrolled at various Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) which exceeded government’s initial target of 16 000 in 2016.
The President further noted that all of the students who are enrolled at these TVETs benefit from highly subsidised fees from the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) or the Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).
Furthermore, Geingob said youth development and empowerment remained central to government’s development agenda.
With reference to the “significant” resources invested in two of the country’s top universities, Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the University of Namibia (UNAM), Geingob said: “In the current financial year, we allocated significant resources, which will predominantly benefit this important demographic group (youth),” he said.
In the year under review, Unam received N$926 million from government which amounts to 80% of its total budget. The amount allocated does not include the tuition fees of whom most benefit from the government through NSFAF scholarships, loans and grants, said Geingob.
Similarly, NUST was subsidised by government with N$534 million which amounts to 74% of the universities total budget.
Furthermore, in a bid to address youth unemployment, government is expected to build a “multi-disciplinary” Youth Training Center in Kavango East.
In addition, a Vocational Training Center in Nkurenkuru, Kavango West which is set to commence in September.
Geingob said students who graduate from TVETs create their businesses and subsequently “employment” which means government will continue promoting the expansions of such institutions.
Geingob reiterated that peace and stability were the prerequisites for development and progress.
“I would like to re-emphasise that Peace and stability are the condio sine qua non (prerequisite) for development and progress. For this reason, we must continue to place the highest premium on maintaining a strong social fabric where all our people live in harmony. We must combat the rising level of crime and lawlessness, because they have no place in our society,” urged Geingob.
Similarly, Geingob called upon law enforcement agencies, parents, schools, churches and community leaders to do their part in shielding young people from substance misuse and vagrancy.
Geingob also called on Namibians to be educated in order to address the root causes of gender based violence which has become a commonality in the country.
“We must do all that we can to educate our people in order to defeat the scourge of gender-based violence by addressing the root causes. All vulnerable members of our society deserve protection,” added Geingob.

One thought on “Rukoro says Geingob’s remarks are ‘irrelevant’

  1. Junias

    The expansion and investment into education(universities and vocational training) is a good initiative however the problem at hand is that every year there is a lot of graduate going to the street as there are no jobs.On the aspect of graduate creating business is so unrealistic and untrue ,why ain’t those that have been in the industry using their knowledge ,experience and resources and be entrepreneur leaving their job to the upcoming(graduate) and the circle goes on.


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