Sunday 20 June 2021
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A Place so Beautiful

…Fish River Canyon; for Cycling, Hiking or Viewing

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The vast, magnificent and breathtaking Fish River Canyon is easily Namibia’s most distinguishable landmark and a natural wonder. It is something that you simply have to experience to believe. Stretching around 160 km from end to end with steep, rocky walls that descend 500 meters to the canyon’s floor, the Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world and one of the main tourist attractions in the southern part of the country.

Situated in the /Ai-/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, the Fish River Canyon is home to Hobas Camp which is approximately 10km away from the view point of the Fish River Canyon. You are allowed to gaze and admire natures wonderful sights, ideally during sunrise or sunset.

The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) Hobas camp was initially owned by a farmer, thus its initial name ‘Farm Hobas.’ In 1985 the farm was sold to the Ministry of Tourism and eventually to NWR in 2000. Hobas is a Nama word which translates to ‘a hole’ pertaining to the canyon. The camp is currently run by eight staff members.

The main activities at the canyon are usually hiking which starts in May and end in September. Apart from hiking there are also cross border activities mainly known as the Desert Knights which allows you to cycle from Namibia to South Africa along the /Ai-/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

During the hot seasons, people still visit the canyon for the beauty of the sunset and sunrise. “Some people drive around the park, some go to the view point to read their books while some come here to take photos, said Erick Gubula, the Camp Administrator.

Driving around the park treats you to some of the animals found in the park such as Zebras, Oryx, Springboks, Kudus, Baboons and Ostriches.

There are sixteen (16) camping sites and six newly build chalets. The camp also has a picnic site, a kiosk, two swimming pools and a restaurant.

The bush chalets with two beds are N$ 880 per person sharing and N$ 1080 on a single rate. Camp sites which take a maximum of eight people are N$ 170 per person. The fish river hiking costs N$ 330 per person.However, locals are entitled to a 25% discount while pensioners get 35% off the rates.

The camp manager expressed that most international guests know the Fish River Canyon but local people still do not know. “Many of us Namibians even those who are only about 100km away do not know about the place. Come and see the beauty of your country as praised by the outsiders- the scenery is beautiful here,” he calls.

Indeed, it is a rare site which every Namibian should behold. It offers a stunning view. And if you have always wanted to see a natural wonder visit the Fish River Canyon. It’s simply unbelievable and indeed exceeding the limits of reasonable expectations.

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