Wednesday 14 April 2021
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A night of classic worship

Cross off the date 21 April! Clive and the NOW Generation brings you their first ever classical worship production at the NTN featuring jazz and choral experts Bonnie Pereko and Sharon van Rooi under the theme ‘Worship to the King.’

Clive and the NOW Generation has on many occasions been likened to the popular South African gospel music group Joyous Celebration. Some even call the group as the Namibian version of international equivalents like Hillsong and Jesus Culture. They identify themselves as a praise and worship band and their presence on stage has always surpassed the audience expectations.
Together for about eight years now, this will be the group’s very first gospel classic production.  “As Clive and the NOW Generation, our genre is really an up tempo, contemporary and gospel sound. But we also realised that there is a certain audience that is not catered for. And that is where the classical production came from.” The group leader Clive Willemse adds  “we have been touring Namibia and abroad for the past five years so this production is really to challenge ourselves musically. The idea was to bring in something different from a production point of view.”

Featuring artists Sharon Van Rooi is a trained classical and jazz guru while Bonnie Pereko’s choral experience will be an added advantage – a collaboration that the group is looking forward to.

“We look at God differently and something that we sometimes miss is His royalty. He is the King of Kings. We say it in churches and sing it in concerts. But this time our focus is really to zoom in and focus on Him as our King. Kings signify royalty and that is why it’s an event where we come at a place and we are giving praises to the King. We will be singing to an audience of one, who is Jesus Christ.”

Clive and the Now Generation has traveled the world and has done quite well to build a followship. Last year, the group had their Asia tour. They went to Thailand. This year, they will be visiting Malaysia and Thailand. They have also become stage habitual in the UK since 2013.

Two weeks ago, they came from their South African tour which Clive claims to have been a resounding success. On gospel shows held in the country the last two years, Clive and the Now Generation has opened for prominent Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube.

“We are just a bunch of young and energetic Namibian musicians that have a very unique and distinct sound. Most of our band members are jazz trained musicians but we also have fresh new sounds that we brought in to produce a kingdom sound” said Clive.

Being driven by the assignment to have a nation of worship, Clive calls on all Namibians from all walks of life to come in numbers to experience the classical feel of the band.

“One thing I’m looking forward is women to come forward and their mascara and make-up will be messed up by the fun,” said excited Clive.
Tickets available at the National Theatre of Namibia cost N$180 and doors open at 18h45.

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