Sunday 20 June 2021
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The Psychology of Colour


When we feel down we look for something to lift our spirits. And we all have our own fixes. But did you know that colour can plays a major role in how we feel. It is therefore a powerful tool when decorating your home.

Colour can be used to make a small room seem larger, a large impersonal space more cozy and intimate, a narrow area wider and so forth. From the colour on the walls, to the colour of the furniture, all plays a role in creating a mood. You therefore need to identify the colours you zrespond to best.

Deciding on a colour scheme for your home may feel overwhelming, but with some proper planning and research you will be able to find the colours that will make you articulate your own style.

Let us look at some of the different colours in more depth.

I will start with green as it is predicted to be the new “in” colour in interior design. Green is automatically associated with nature and therefore symbolises growth and regeneration and will thus add a soothing and tranquil atmosphere to any room. Luckily green comes in many shades, as I for one, do not fancy “basic” green as a colour.  But I do love a deep mossy green, or a soft pastel green. Green can be used successfully with a range of other colours.

Blue is considered to represent tranquility and freshness. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of blue is the ocean and the sky. The different shades of blue evokes various feeling. Sapphire blue can add a bold blast of energy to a room, a light sky blue will make a room feel peaceful and serene, while a dark navy blue can add drama.  Because blue is linked to tranquility it is a great colour to use in a bedroom and bathroom, or any room where you would like to create a relaxing atmosphere.

My favourite colour (at the moment) is definitely grey. Grey is not only sophisticated; it is a very “quiet” colour. Many however consider grey to be gloomy and depressing. As an interior designer I love grey for many reasons, but probably most because of its ability to work so well with almost any other colour. By mixing different tones and shades of grey together you can produce a room with understated glamour. Grey is the perfect backdrop to allow natural leather and wood to take center stage. Grey need not be limited to only masculine spaces, and can be used very successfully even in a nursery.

Yellow receives a lot of attention at the moment. Just walk by any interior shop and you will notice the amount of yellow accessories. Or page through an up-to-date interiors magazine and you will detect the amount of rooms where yellow is added to the décor. Yellow represent optimism, bringing about feelings of happiness.
The wide range of yellow shades available allows a lot of flexibility in designing rooms with a feel-good atmosphere. But remember with a very bright colour, less is always more.

Yes, certain colours work better with certain décor styles, but that should never stop you from individualizing your style. The question should not only be how you want the room to look and feel, but also how you want to feel in the room.

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