Monday 19 April 2021
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From street dancers to Wambo Lokasie’s finest

…Magogoz narrates their journey

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As groups enter and exit the house of local music, some seem to have zero intentions of leaving because what they do comes from the heart and in service of the people. To name but a few, the likes of Matongo Family, Gal Level, Exit and Mushe, Maszanga, PDK, Tswazis and many others who have swept the stages in coordination. But lest we forget, the forever coming bright stars of Magogoz.

As young lads from the streets of Katutura’s Wambo Lokasie when kwaito was the daily genre, Magagoz dusted the pavements with some kwaito moves which was the in thing then.  The group started off with members Chubby with brothers Shoza and Bobby and later got the matured voice of Stancy to unite as Magogoz in 2006.

A little digging into the lives of the group exposes the fact that the quartet were all raised by their grannies hence the name Magogos. Their talent from school performances got them their first manager Deng’ombulu who gave them new direction and a new touch in the music industry.

“We were simply the small boys doing good music and what was amazing was the fact that we were just from the hood,” said the youngest of the Quartet.

Magogoz became Wambo Lokasie and Donkerhoek’s finest as all music lovers, the young and even the grannies celebrated their moves as well as the hits they had composed by then.

As the clock continued ticking, The Dogg came into the picture as moral support to push the rookies, while producing the song and music video ‘Give Us Love’ featuring Tre VDK.

“This was the song that re-introduced us with one of the biggest record labels. The Dogg is someone we grew up looking up to and we learned a lot from him. To date, he is someone we can call to ask for advice or his opinion on a few things we do.”

2014 was the year the quartet dusted off the long wait when they produced their debut album tittle ‘The Anticipated Big 4.’The album featured the voices of music heavyweights such as The Dogg, Om Puff, Kanibal, Sunny Boy, Exit and others.

Magogoz has since have kept themselves busy rocking towns with their ecstatic stage performance and growing their brand. They recently produced their hit single ‘Skuduru’ that is something unique to the industry. ‘Skuduru’ has become a household favourite on the airwaves, shebeen jukeboxes and the video has received enormous viewership on YouTube with over 10 000 views in about two months.

Narrating their journey of hurdles since 2006, Magogoz say they have learned a lot about the music industry. “We come from the days when we had to buy beats and ask for favours to do our shows. Today, we do our own beats and our own music penetrating towns such as Gobabis, Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo and the north.”

The Magogoz today is an all-round machine destined to a self-architected destiny. “Chubby is on the beats and the melody. Stancy is on the hooks and the chorus. Shoza brings life the song from the intro and the bridges. And Bobby is more the bar guy who brings in the lyrics,” said Bobby.

Chubby adds; “Now we are more mature and we do our own music. We learned a lot through the whole journey such as funding our own shows, branding and going out of town. All the obstacles we faced we took them heads on.”

“We are actually in a comfortable space today where we can wake up and do certain things without calling someone for help. We are now more educated on know how the music industry operates, but all this we learned from our mistakes.”

Asked what they are currently working on, Chubby said they are busy putting together the pieces for their second album to drop in September titled ‘The Big Four Unleashed.’

“We are busy with our merchandise such as the clothing ‘Chubby Beats’ and ‘Magogoz.’ We are also busy with tours to schools to talk to kids about drugs. We have personally gone through different challenges so we just want to share with the learners on how to remain positive,” said Chubby.

On the new album, the quartet is working together with names like The Dogg, Samuele, Young T and other upcoming artists.

The story of Magogoz reads like a journey of schools boys who just started off as dancers but had a dream to take on the industry. Their biggest success to date is the transition from boys who looked up to people for everything and now being able to produce their own music.

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