Sunday 16 May 2021
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SPYL NEC divided over vetting procedures

…Nekundi accused of cooking NEC resolutions

Tempers in the ruling party’s youth league are on the rise, this time over acting secretary Veikko Nekundi’s involvement in the vetting process for potential Central Committee members. According to a letter dated 28 March 2017 titled “NEC Resolutions”, candidates for the Swapo Party Youth League should be submitted to the National Vetting Committee through Nekundi’s office. Nekundi, who continues to lead the SPYL in an acting capacity, also stands accused of sending NEC resolutions to regional secretaries that does not present a true reflection at the last NEC meeting.

Despite the cries, there is nothing SPYL’s NEC can do now that Nekundi has jumped the gun and announced that Regional Executive Committee(REC) nominations for potential CC candidates should be submitted through his office.  Those against the move says it  gives Nekundi a running start when it comes influencing party structures by knowing who is nominated and subsequently it gives him a leeway to structure his campaign.SPYL’s NEC met on Monday and already on Tuesday Nekundi sent out the resolutions-with one of the resolutions stating that the regional executive committees should identify 12 candidates for the Central Committee to the National Vetting Committee, but those names should go through his office.  Nekundi also indicated that the NEC resolved that regional conferences should elect a maximum of six candidates from the 12 vetted candidates who shall stand as candidates at the congress. “The Regional Executive Committee(REC) shall identify a maximum of candidates for the REC, for each single person position the REC shall identify a maximum of 4 candidates, while for more than a single position the REC shall identify double the number of position holders,” reads Nekundi’s letter.
It further states that the District Executive Committee shall identify a maximum of 4 candidates per position on the District Executive Committee. “The candidates be submitted[sic] to the National Vetting Committee, through the REC who shall do the preliminary vetting an subsequently the office of the Acting Secretary,” Nekundi said. As for the districts, Nekundi said the District Conference shall elect from the qualified vetted candidates per position as per the “provisions of the constitution.” “The Sections and Branch executives shall identify a maximum of 4 candidates per position at each level for the Sections and Branch Executive Committees. The candidates must be submitted to the REC for vetting through the District Executive Committee who shall do the preliminary vetting,” he said.
Considering the obvious division within SPYL, many say it’s a delicate task having to provide decisive leadership to a divided and frustrated organisation while remaining on the right side of the party’s disciplinary code. One of the NEC members, who spoke under anonymity, said Nekundi presented a document containing new vetting procedures to the NEC but it was declined. “We told him Congress is the highest decision making body of SPYL therefore we must wait for congress. But despite that, Secretary for Legal Affairs Sydney !Ganeb was tasked to consult a legal expert to determine the way forward for this matter and all of a sudden you have Nekundi jumping the gun, that is not how things work,” said the NEC member.
As per the standard SPYL procedures, the Branch executive vets the sections’ conferences; the district executive vets branch conferences; the regional executive vets district conferences; the national executive vets regional conferences. “When it comes to congress, an impartial team is set up to run the process. This year that team is made up of Lucia Iipumbu and Alec Boois. They are the ones to have contacts with the regions because none of them are standing,” said a Swapo insider who is privy to the party nomination processes.
With all the fights in the youth league in the recent past and the plot to unseat Nekundi, having influence in the vetting process will surely play in Nekundi’s favor as he will be able to dictate whom to clear for Congress later this year.  SPYL spokesman Neville Andre yesterday said the involvement of Nekundi’s office in the vetting chain is to ensure transparency. According to Andre, Nekundi will not have any power to alter or influence nominations sent to the National Vetting Committee through his office. “He[Nekundi] is basically a postmaster. He will receive the nominations, acknowledge receipt thereof and relay it to the national vetting committee. He does not even have the power to advice the national vetting committee as to which nominations should be declined or accepted,” Andre explained. He also opposed claims that the NEC resolutions sent out are not a true reflection of Monday’s meeting. “That letter reflects exactly what we discussed on Monday. It was sent out on Tuesday because we had resolved in the past that NEC resolutions should be effected as soon as possible, hence the action letter was sent out to the colleagues in the regions,” he said.

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