Sunday 11 April 2021
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NWR awarded PMR Africa award

In what can be described as an affirmation of the great work being done by the biggest tourism company in the country, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) were presented with the Diamond Arrow award from PMR.Africa on 29 March 2017 as the leading organization in tourism and conservation enhancement in Namibia. The award was a result of a research process whereby different companies were nominated and rated by respondents against specific attributes. NWR emerged as the overall winner within its category and received the highest rating, which is a Diamond classification. Zelna Hengari, NWR’s Managing Director, believes that, “all the hard work that her team has been putting behind the scenes is getting recognized. As the largest tourism company in Namibia, it is our duty to lead by example and to set the trend. By so doing, we remain relevant to our clients who are the reason behind us striving to become better. That is the reason why, one should never trade focus and hard work for immediate gratification”.

Reason behind the PMR.Africa Awards
The awards are indicators of a company, department or institution’s competencies. PMR.Africa wants the companies to utilize the award, not as a marketing tool only, but also to thank the personnel and staff for creating the perception and reality out there that this company, department or institution is an undisputed leader in the respective industry. After all, there is a successful team behind each successful and highly rated company, department or institution. The awards are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction.

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