Friday 14 May 2021
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NUDO to hold its own land conference

The third National Council meeting of the National Unity Democratic Organization (Nudo) recently resolved to convene an internal land conference. Issues regarding the education and health sectors are also expected to feature prominently during the Party’s deliberations.
In a statement seen by The Patriot, Nudo Secretary-General Meundju Jahanika announced that among the resolutions taken during the party’s third National Council recently was to host a land conference that will be attended by the party’s leadership, traditional leaders and invited government officials.
The National Council meeting which is the second national organ to the Nudo’s National Congress took place on the 18-19 March 2017.
Jahanika noted that officials from the land reform ministry will provide the aforementioned conference with information regarding the implementation of the first ever National Land Conference which took place in 1991, shortly after Namibia’s independence
“The National Council resolved to arrange its own Land Conference which will be attended by party leadership, traditional leaders and invited government officials from the Ministry of Land Reform.
“Comrade P.K.Kazongominja was appointed as the Head of Land and Resettlement of the Department of Land and Resettlement and was tasked with the main responsibility to organise the Party Land Conference,” said Jahanika.
Moreover, Jahanika noted that the party was “very” happy with way it has handled the 1904-1908 Nama and Ovaherero genocide talks with the Namibian government.
“We believe that our visit to the State House had some influence on the part of the government and let to its U-turn because they used to talk about projects but now they are talking about reparations in U.S dollars.
“The National Council resolved to appoint Comrade Jonathan Katjimune as the Head of International Relations and Cooperation of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and tasked him to deal with the Genocide and Reparations issue inside and outside the country,” noted Jahanika.
On the state of the Namibia economy, Nudo said the government “is not doing enough” to wipe poverty off the face of the country, “this is demonstrated in the recently tabled 2017/2018 budget allocation.
“On poverty eradication the government is not serious as they have given lot of money to the Ministry of Defence while we are not at war with anyone. Despite this, the Ministry Poverty Eradication received a small allocation that will not be enough to fight poverty.”
“The National Council is of the opinion that the SWAPO government is not doing enough to address the issue of permanent or long term employment creation, economic growth and structural change and urges the government to come up with programme of radical economic transformation,” charged Jahanika.
As a consequence, Nudo resolved to appoint Josef Kauandenge as Head of Economic, Urban and Rural Development to tackle issues directly related to poverty eradication and economic transformation.
At the same juncture, Kaundenge was also appointed as the party’s presidential spokesperson.
On the fronts of education and health, Nudo acknowledged that despite getting the biggest share from the national budget each year, more still needs to be done.
Jahanika lamented the fact that, despite billions of dollars being pumped into the education and health sectors, children are still “being taught under trees” while “expecting mothers” sleep in tents at some hospitals, exposing them to “snakes and scorpions”.
He also complained about the lack of medicine and ambulances at hospitals.

A national party
Furthermore, Nudo has reiterated that it is a national party as opposed to theories advanced by its “adversaries” who claim the  party is tribal oriented.
“The National Council reiterated that Nudo is a party for all Namibians and is not tribal oriented as our adversaries would like to see and preach in order to prevent Namibians to join our mighty Nudo of Namibia; the brave Party which stands to defend the human rights of Namibian people,” reiterated Jahanika.

In addition, there has been mounting complaints within the party’s circles over irregularities that took place at the party’s Women’s League, which led to the Congress results being nullified.
When The Patriot approached Jahanika to shed light on the complaints raised by party members, he said the good standing of membership of delegates during the said congress was “not checked”.
“They (delegates) were complaining had the membership of delegates were not checked and some have not paid their membership fees.
Consequently, the congress proceeded without checking the good standing of delegates in terms of membership fees and it has been left to the incoming leadership to find ways as to how it can recoup the outstanding fees.
However, Nudo members that were not part of the women’s congress started complaining and called for the nullification of the congress.
There was a group of concerned congress attendees who called for a probe in order to have the congress results nullified but that did not happen.

The committees
The investigation committee into the women’s league congress saga was chaired by Jonathan Katjimune. Other members who formed part of the team were Benestus Kazongominja, Kotjikete, Ussiel Mumbango and Israel Hukura. The party also appointed a second committee to address and investigate internal issues that constitute disciplinary action such as “rumour-mongering”.

The committee members are:
Bethold Tjiundje, Benestus Kazongominja, Uahimisa Kaapehi, Nambekuii Katjatenja and Lesley Kauandara.
Similarly, in preparation for the third National Congress, Nudo’s NEC recommended to the National Council that some parts of the party constitution needs to be amended in order to align it with the political trends of the day.
The Constitutional Amendments Committee consist of the following members:
Lesley M. Kauandara, Abross Mundjindjiri, Brian Riruako, Gretchen Boois and Josef Kauandenge.

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