Friday 18 June 2021
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Elizabeth Queen Namundjebo relates her political journey

queenI am Elizabeth Muahangelai ya David Namundjebo, born on 17 June 1936. I became a member of OPO in 1960. My OPO membership card was issued to me by Tuhadeleni Kaxumba kaNdola at Oshandi village, Oukwanyama.  We have been dealing with our OPO mainly when the people started crossing the borders, leaving the country for the struggle of independence. We have been helping them to go inside Angola until the OPO was re-named to SWAPO.   In 1974, Dimo Hamaambo informed our group consisting of: Usko Nambinga, Eliakim Namundjebo, Evaristus Shipo and others that they are in need of a vehicle.  I went to talk to Mukwiilongo at Elim, David Sheehama at Ombalantu, Eliakim Namundjebo and Nangolo da Jacob.  Those are the ones who gave me some assistance.  I contacted our people in Windhoek whom we used to work together, such as Andreas Nangolo, and the other one with a nickname Ice-Cream. I gave money to Andreas Nangolo, because they usually find cars for sale in the farms.  Andreas Nangolo bought a Land Rover with the money I gave him, but there was some money left. I told him to buy blankets, medicines and tinned food with the remaining money. Everything was done accordingly.  Victor Nghandi brought the Land Rover from Windhoek to my house in Ondangwa.
He gave me the car keys and went back. I informed my group members, Usko Nambinga and Evaristus Shipo that the car has arrived. It was collected and went to Angola in order for the SWAPO fighters to perform their duty.  The story is too long, I will not mention everything. In August 1975, Usko Nambinga, Evaristus Shipo, Nicodemus Mwahi, Festus Shaanika, aka Kapapaleni and I were trapped by the South African soldiers triggered by the death of King Elifas Shuumbwa. We were arrested by the whites and the mercenaries. In prison we suffered a lot through electric shock and cruelties.  Usko Nambinga, Nicodemus Mwahi and Kalimba escape and run away.
Kalimba was even leg chained and despite the situation he managed to escape. Relating to the death of the King of Ondonga, the truly SWAPO members have to prepared for the worse.   We were arrested as true freedom fighters of SWAPO. It was Sem Shivute, Festus Shaanika alias Kapapaleni, Skinny Hilundwa, Reverend Sebron Ekandjo, Landuleni Itope, Rauna Nambinga and other nurses from Engela, a thirteen years old Martha Nashidengo, and I. During that time there was no prison structure in Oshakati.  We were the first prisoners to be detained and kept at Elundu, the room which was made with iron zinc, established just to imprison us. My brother Eriakim Namundjebo was also detained.  I went through surgical procedure in jail and some of my body parts were left in that prison.  My story is un-ending, it is better to go to the court at Swakopmund and ask. That is where we were prosecuted and a death penalty imposed on us.
The Land Rover I mentioned in the story was captured by the whites when they attacked Ohaido. I only happen to know about it when the car was displayed at the Swakopmund court. When I was questioned about it I told the court that I do not know anything about the Land Rover.
When I was released from prison in 1976, despite losing my body parts in jail; I was not discouraged to continue with the SWAPO activities. My house was destroyed while in custody. Traditional leaders did not want anything to do with the politicians. I went to my brother Eriakim’s house in Oukuanyama area. I spent two days with him and he was arrested because of SWAPO. After one week my brother Joel Namundjebo was killed and the whites come to arrest me. I went to prison again because I was accused for being responsible for every person killed, since I am the one who have a relationship with SWAPO. I was imprisoned for six months.
After my released Eriakim Namundjebo and I moved from Oukuanyama to Ongwediva because we were forbidden to live in the area. We stay at Ongwediva and report ourselves to the police twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. That is the reason why I come to build my house close to my brother’s.   When the process of reporting to the police station terminated, I acquired the opportunity to work together with my fellow comrades again. I used to go to Angola via Odibo and Oshihedi.   When the PLAN fighters were instructed to move backwards, the SWAPO fighters arranged that where I have to meet them, I should always go through the MPLA soldiers. I used to wear MPLA uniform.
During that period when am in Angola, I was staying in MPLA military bases and in Lubango. When I fulfilled my assignments, the SWAPO comrades informed MPLA to take me back home to Namibia (South West Africa Namibia). Back home when people asked me my whereabouts, I used to tell them that I was at the cattle post. Throughout that time I used to be supervised by Charles Namholo, Martin Shali, under the leadership of Dimo Hamaambo, Nakanduungile and others.  Last but not least, my story in SWAPO will not finish because I grow up in the party, I suffered so much to become poor.  My backbone was damaged while in custody and as I mentioned earlier, I lost some of my body parts which I cannot mention in this document. But despite the situation, I was never discouraged when it comes to SWAPO. The sufferings at the hands of the colonizers can be well recounted by me.
The other thing is that I do not want anyone to talk about my history and add false information.  My history is well known by Martin Shali, Charles Namholo, Dimo Hamaambo, Peter Nanyemba and Nakanduungile. Some of them are already departed, let their soul rest in peace! This history of mine is written by myself and signed underneath.

Elizabeth M. Namundjebo

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