Friday 14 May 2021
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Bank Windhoek Continue to Support Enduro Racing

Bank Windhoek has renewed its sponsorship agreement with the Namibian Enduro Club with a total sponsorship of N$100 000 for the 2017 racing season. This is the eight consecutive year that Bank Windhoek has sponsored the Series. A portion of the sponsorship will be used as prize money towards the winners in the various categories. According to Günther Henle, Chairman of the Namibia Enduro Club, the Club is planning various challenging races around the country. The series started in February with the fun race at the farm, Omakwara, in the Witvlei area. This event was used by the club to encourage riders to enter for the series.

Riaan van Rooyen, Head of Corporate Affairs, Strategy & Sustainability at Bank Windhoek stated that the Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Series remains one of the most visible events on Namibia’s sport calendar. “As a sponsor, Bank Windhoek is proud to be associated with the Enduro Series as they have shown over the years their commitment and dedication to professionalism and developing the sport to the level that it is today,” he said.

Henle thanked Bank Windhoek for its continued support towards motorsport as the series continues to grow every year with more participants taking part. “We are grateful to all the other sponsors who make it possible for us to host successful events in the series every year,” he said.
The Namibian Enduro Club offers quad and off road motorbike enthusiasts the possibility to enjoy the endure sport and encourages newcomers to join them. Bank Windhoek also sponsors the Bank Windhoek Fistball League, Bank Windhoek National Long Course Swimming Championship, the Bank Windhoek National Hockey League, the Volleyball Federation of Namibia, Beach Volleyball, Bank Windhoek Bass Angling Championship and Bank Windhoek Schools Netball Super League.

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