Friday 14 May 2021
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When Truth meets Comedy

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While we celebrate another Independence Day which many only look forward to because they do not have to see their boss, we might as well load our canons with some truth and constitutional comedy. Our leaders have done so well by putting in little or zero effort and just like a plane on autopilot, we will eventually get there. The country has clocked 27 years of hope which are escorted by peace and stability. From the streets of Mondesa, down south to Vaalhoek and all the way up to Kaisosi, Namibia has told thousands of great stories. From corruption, fake pastors, tenderprenuers and unemployment, to blessers, Sunday sessions and our beloved politicians who seem to always read the script from the bottom up.
While the rest of Namibia was in Rundu to get free meals and demonstrate their patriotism in the Kavango sun, two courageous citizens took up the opportunity to describe the Namibia they live in with truth and a bit of comedy.
Disclaimer: The shots thrown below do not express the opinion of The Lounge.

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