Saturday 15 May 2021
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There’s only ONE Get Rich

Get Rich
If there is any artist who has entered this industry and got to be known even before his music was heard, the one and only stylish Ndjambi Paulus takes this one. Social media continues to go abuzz and almost every Whatsapp group has archived photos of Get Rich. Born in Oshikoto region’s Onandhi, Get Rich has revisited the ancient looks of HipHop Gods and decided to enter the genre with the looks that many still today question how he gets it right.
Many have made him their source of comedy for his wrinkled English but not even the public scrutiny has kept him in the closet. He started his singing career in 2014 in his home town Grootfontein but gained prominence like wildfire this year. In the interest of the readership, The Lounge got hold of the much-spoken-of artist to hear him narrate his story and what he has in store for the music industry at the age of 33.
What motivated the stage name ‘Get Rich?’
When I was young, I used to check out music videos of artists in the US and it inspired me. I then tried out their looks and wanted to look like 50 Cent since he inspires me a lot. When I walked on the streets, people said I look like 50 Cents and they asked me if I wanted to get rich like him. As a result, it turned into a name and I decided to stick to it. So when I started music, I decided to stick to a name that people already knew.
What type of music do you do?
I do Hip Hop because it speaks directly to people about life. We need to make music that builds the nation. I dropped my 10-track album on the market which is available in Windhoek, Rundu and Grootfontein. On my album, all my songs have a message. There is a song titled ‘Hero’ which is dedicated to the freedom fighter who brought us peace and stability. So I sing about what I see, hear and experience – and I can only do it best in hip hop.
Where do you get your clothes?
I have a friend who works is in air force. When he goes overseas, I ask him to bring me the clothes. The clothes represent my life in music. I do not wear them every day because most of the times I am at work.
Besides music…
I work at OK Foods in Grootfontein. I have to make money.
Who would you like to work with?
I like all my Namibian artists. I shared a stage with artists like Mushe and others in Grootfontein. I would like to work with artists like Neslow, Kavax and Kalux but I’m free to work with any artist. Many artists have already called me expressing their interest to work with Get Rich. My full video will come out end on April and I will surely feature in the NAMAs next year.
The Facebook troubles
There a people have created a page pretending to be me and being rude to my people. Every day I get calls from my fans asking why I am insulting people but it is not me. It is very dangerous and they are tarnishing my image for reasons only they know. They even started insulting Blossom which is not good at all. I just want my fans to know that it is not me.
Any family?
I don’t have any children because I don’t have a budget for that at this time. I do not want my woman and children to suffer. So I will do it when I have a budget for that. But I want to add that I thank all the Namibian people and the media for the support. You guys are the ones who make my name go high.

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