Friday 18 June 2021
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Dear Governor, Ipumbu Wendelinus Shiimi, Dear BON Board Chairperson

RE: Solidarity support to the Bank Of Namibia Governor and its Board of Directors
We are a group of young Namibians with a serious concern on the issues of SME Bank. In response to what is now public knowledge on the disastrous governance of the SME Bank, we would like to express our solidarity in the following manner to the Bank Of Namibia Governor and its Board of Directors for intervening to save the day;
1. With the limited knowledge of the case of SME Bank, we believe you acted within good faith and within the periphery and delimitation of our nation’s banking laws
2. We are thus convicted as future leaders of the Namibian nation to take your side.
3. We want to make our commitment known to you, the Bank Of Namibia Board of Directors and the nation at large that we are in support of your decision to intervene and protect the interest of the Namibian nation
4. We recognize you as soldiers in the frontline upholding the moral values, credos and ideals of the Namibian nation which capitalist gangsters and money launders are ready to shred unashamedly to pieces
Therefore, without fear and favour we have decided that;
5. The legal bullying that are directed to you and the Bank of Namibia Board is also ours
6. We are with you in this battle of preserving the moral fibers in what is rightfully ours as Namibians. Your battle is the Namibian nations’ battle and thus rightly our battle
7. We are committed to this struggle. We are ready to abandon all our daily commitments to make our presence felt behind you as you forge toward protection of the moral fibers of the Namibian nation in resources which are rightfully ours
8. We are watching, listening, reading and studying everything. We are more awake than ever, resilient and unequivocally equivalence in your convictions
9. We will NOT tolerate daylight horror movies of shredding moral fibers of the Namibian nations while we watch in cupola
10. We have tolerated high enough number of thieves in the Land of the Braves. They came, gathered, gone and we have done nothing. Now is the time to show that “we the people” as per the grand vision of the Namibian Nation [The Constitution] are not impressed.
Sincerely Yours,
Namibian Youth (Authored by Kafuka Patrick on behalf of the concerned youth)

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