Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Ceiling dividers

The Lounge Edition 50 page12 Untitled-3 Untitled-5Last week we had a look at separating different sections in an area using room dividers. Young people especially live in the open plan mode which provides lots of opportunity for decoration.
Room dividers are functional in a vertical space but this week we look at how you can adorn the space above. A space which with the right dose of imagination says the sky is the limit.
Open plan living these days is the norm rather than the exception. But how can you segregate areas in an open plan space without using a vertical division?
An option would be to use an area rug, which we had a look at last year. But is there any other way? The answer would be by means of bulkheads and/or ceiling trays. They are nothing other than ceiling dividers.
A ceiling divider is a stylish way to define an area. Combined with the correct light fixtures, it will become a focal point that will add interest and texture to your otherwise bland ceiling, especially in a large open plan area.
A bulkhead drops down over a section of an open plan. A ceiling tray, or recessed ceiling, is a decorative ceiling treatment used to add volume and/or height to a specific area in a room.
The two ceiling styles can also be combined successfully. Typically the structure will be constructed using ceiling boards. By using or combining different types of materials, can make for interesting alternatives.
To add interest, mix textures and finishes. A bulkhead dressed with or constructed from reclaimed wood would for instance make a gorgeous feature in a rustic or contemporary home. Add wallpaper to a ceiling tray. Or use other paint colours than that used on the rest of the ceiling.
Remember to make sure that it suits your décor style and budget. Unfortunately ceiling trays and bulkheads tend to be expensive.
Make sure you ask a professional to assist, for both the construction and electrical elements of your ceiling divider.
If your budget is limited, you can paint the ceiling above the designated area a different colour and just add a border. Or alternatively add a suspended bulkhead if the area is not too large.
What ever your needs and budget, with a little bit of imagination, results and finishes are limitless.
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