Friday 18 June 2021
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16 injured as municipal bus overturns in WIndhoek

A City of Windhoek(CoW) bus with 26 passengers on board overturned yesterday in Windhoek’s Klein Windhoek upmarket suburb along the Sam Nujoma Drive.
Witnesses said the bus overturned when it hit a pavement which then caused the driver to lose control of the bus. The accident involving Municipal Bus WM586 took place yesterday morning on Sam Nujoma Drive from Avis just a few meters before the Junction of Kwame Nkrumah and Sam Nujoma roads, confirmed CoW spokesperson Lydia Amutenya.
She said the exact cause of the accident is not yet known at this point, however the bus overturned and is seriously damaged.
When The Patriot arrived at the scene of the accident between 08h00 and 09h00, one of the two passengers who were critically injured, 43-year-old bus driver Heikkie Ndiipanda was still stuck in the bus while Ester Hamukwaya was being rushed to the Katutura State Hospital by the emergency personnel.
Some of the passengers sustained “slight” injuries and were also rushed to the Katutura Immediate Hospital to receive treatment.
According to information availed to this paper by Namibian Police Sergeant Detective Issaskar Tjindunda who was at the scene, Ndiipanda was stuck with one of his legs under the bus for two more hours. The emergency response teams eventually managed to move the bus with the help of a tow-in service truck.
Shortly after Ndiipanda was removed from the bus, he was rushed to the Katutura Hospital, a member of the public who chose to remain anonymous who blasted the emergency response and Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) officials present over their decision to take Ndiipanda to Katutura State hospital because of the distance.
“This is pure nonsense, this is a matter of life and death and they want to take him (Ndiipanda) to Katutura State Hospital while there are other hospitals that are closer to where the accident took place,” the source charged.
As a consequence, the decision to take Ndiipanda to Katutura State Hospital was reversed and he was taken to the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital in Kleine Kuppe. Moreover, a paramedic who was attending to Ndiipanda said his situation could not be determined at the scene as they had to run a number of “scans to accurately determine” the seriousness of the injury.
“The injury is very serious but we have to run a number of scans before we can actually say how bad he (Ndiipanda) is injured, but I can say it is very serious,” said the paramedic.
The paramedic preferred anonymity due to company policies.
“Our record indicates that there were twenty-six passengers on board including the bus driver at the time of the accident. Sixteen of these passengers were transferred to Katutura Hospital for treatment. While nine (9) were treated by the Paramedics at the scene. However, later 15 of the 16 passengers were treated, released and transported to their respective residence.
One (1) passenger is still undergoing treatment at the Katutura Hospital. The bus driver sustained multiple serious injuries and he is admitted at the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital,” said Amutenya.

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