Thursday 17 June 2021
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Windhoek from the skies

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Flying is a privilege many are yet to experience. As such, the moment is worth boasting about. This week I had the privilege of flying over Windhoek in a chopper this week and not only was the experience worth being archived, but the view of Windhoek from above is amazing.

The city is built within the circumference of the Aus Mountains which surrounds the capital from all exit points. One would think nature reserved the spot consciously.

With the fresh showers that the city has received a few weeks ago, she is a true beauty from up there. The open areas, especially towards the southern parts of the city are decorated with the colour of nature.

One observation that you cannot take away is the sight of constructions in the city, a clear sign that the capital is expanding and more buildings occupying space.

Without a doubt, Windhoek is not in short supply of space. Certainly one cannot take away the sight of open spaces meaning there is land, should it be acquired legally. But either way, the spaces make the city still beautiful.

My adventure in the sky was made a lifetime memory by the fact that my pilot was a young black Namibian woman. It is a living inspiration to see that black women are making it to the top way past the glass ceiling.

Pictures tell a thousand words so get a bit closer to your Bucket list by making sure you get yourself a chopper experience. There is so much denied to the eye when you are on the ground than when you are up there.

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