Monday 17 May 2021
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Staying true to you

guest of the week“To thine own self be true”. Shakespeare writes this as Polonius advices his son who is in a hurry to leave as he longs to be free from his father’s possessive and controlling gaze.

A lot of things change, some for the best, others for the worst. And certainly we do not have control over a lot of things that happen in our lives. Staying true to who you are, is probably one of the only things that can keep you afloat in this ship called life. Change certain things about you if need be, like your taste in shoes, but being true to you in the midst of all the challenges you face is key.

We sometimes feel overwhelmed when we are faced with issues that seem impossible to handle. You and I both know there is nothing that is impossible, or permanent. Everything can be a variable, but you be the constant.

Challenge yourself to stay true to who you really are and do not feel like an alien and pressured to adopt other people`s believes on matters that directly or indirectly affect you. If you truly have opposing views to what most people believe on finances, politics, religion, romance, then stick to that.

Thinking back, there was a lot of things that I believed in. A lot has happened since then and I sometimes question myself if I still hold the same beliefs. Sometimes I am amazed by how things turned out to be the total opposite.

Other times, nothing really changed. So the challenge comes with striking a balance between what you can change, what you cannot change, what is right, what is not right and staying true to yourself. Making progress is all there is. And you are as good as the last good decision you made.

There is no hardship being faced today that has not happened to someone before. Hardships only feel foreign when they hit close to home. Remember how you would be entertained by a movie scene but when someone close to you experiences the same thing it becomes less funny. The most ironic of all is when hardships become the total opposite of funny when we are on the receiving end. Life is roller-coaster.
My greatest life lesson is that the decisions I have made following my gut feeling was often  right. Sometimes we might feel the pressure to succumb to external pressure. When I am really struggling to make a decision about something that matters to me, I ask myself if the younger me would approve of the decision. When you are young, you set so many goals for yourself and have so many expectations. When you grow older, you feel the need to compromise on things that once mattered to you. So what I am trying to say is do not. It`s easy to want to go with the flow. If you keep up, you might just evolve into a different species.

My “against the tide” view is not to live in the moment. I live to express my younger self and to have good stories to tell to my grandchildren. I have tried and tested this theory. If my younger self would not approve of a decision that is very important and if I cannot tell it to my grandchildren, then I know what to do.

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