Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Namibians, Boundaries and Hypocrisy …It Just Never Ends

Oh yes, it never ends…my Namibian people are at it again, Meme waZero naTate waZero (referred to people without children). Really, no man we can do better than this I mean who even has time to come up with such crap.

Every time I read a post with that statement in it leaves me with so many open-ended questions of why, how did this come up and who has time for all this? At least debate on matters that make sense.

We complain so much about how we are left out but just look people have time to debate on who had anabortion, who has a child and who is mistakes’ parent. My Namibian people have time to show their unwarranted concern for child bearing while they could be concerned about job security, or at least matters that will help us grow.

The question is do we still consider ourselves as future leaders if all we do is shame and humiliate each other or worse spent so much of our precious time on social media posting on useless things?  If whoever came up with this phrase thought it was going to be funny jokes on you buddy what you brought up is utterly disappointing. It is disappointing in the sense that young people have the energy to battle over things which do not add value. If only we posted so much or better yet used our social media platforms to discuss serious matters that concern the development of our country.

This might have been brought up by young parents who are trying to fight back the inconsiderate comments they have been drinking up all along but does it really make sense? Since when is having a child or not having a child so big of a deal?

Why are we so bothered by people’s life choices while we could be bothered by people that are killing each other or the ones sleeping on the streets?

Now you see this whole scandal might leave people without babies, especially those that are believed to be in the child bearing years but choose not to have babies yet, faced with two choices- to subscribe to the Namibian youth model of unplanned parenting or to be labelled Zero’s parents and face the unending social media humiliation. If she manages to allow herself to get pregnant to assure society that she has the ability to give birth, she will always wonder if she should have waited for the right time.

If she goes on to be childless, she would feel that her years of child bearing are passing by. And so the battle begins to have children at all costs, not to please herself but to prevent the prophecies of social media fireposters from coming true.My Nam people stop probing! People without kids will just be fine and if they find the need to have children they will have their children.

If you have a child that should be your major concern and not those that had an abortion, the infertile and the ones who plan never to have children.
To the zero parents you have your own lives so you might as well face it squarely. Stop making others feel guilty for having children.

Let’s have fun in a considerate way…


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