Monday 14 June 2021
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Get Ready… It’s a girl !

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young preagnant african woman,with black top, and lung braids

The arrival of a new baby is exciting and busy, with so much preparations to be made. The owner of Baby and Kids Emporium, Janine Balm says that the best time to start preparing for the little one is from the sixth month of pregnancy. She deems it as the best time to enable one to get their nursery ready, buy the baby clothes, sterilizers, nappies and everything else.

“If you leave it longer, you’ve got three months left to get everything ready and what if your baby comes earlier ?  So you need to be prepared not later than six months,” explains Janine.

Must haves
Due to financial circumstances, Janine says that it is important to stick to the basics. When you go to the hospital you need to have nappies, balm cream, body lotions, body wash, wet wipes, clothes, and dummy but if you can breastfeed its fine you wouldn’t need bottles.

Cosmetics wise Janine says it all depends on one’s budget but a lot of mums go for the organic products which are very good. There are bamboo nappies as well so a lot of people don’t use the throw away nappies anymore. According to the carbon footprint it takes 80 years for one disposable nappy to be destroyed and a lot of people are thinking greener so they use the bamboo nappies that one could wash and in a way they save a lot of money.

She further complimented the organic lotions as they do not have any artificial colourants or perfumes in it. “A baby’s skin is very sensitive so if you use lotions and body washes with perfume it can irritate the baby’s skin that is why if you use something organic it’s natural and it cannot irritate the baby’s skin,” says Janine.

For those that cannot afford organic products Janine advice that they also make use of the various ranges available at the stores such as the TLC which is quite cheaper or Johnson or Elizabeth Anne’s products. “It all depends on what your beliefs are as a mother and what your budget is,” she emphasized.

In most cases when mothers know the sex of their baby they buy pink for girls and blue for boys. Janine noted that a lot of people opt for natural colours and advices that if you are going to buy the baby’s clothes in natural colours it will be best to buy four or five items in other colours and the rest in a natural colour so if you have a second baby you can use it again and save money that way.

Let the baby feel at home
New born babies do not move around but when the baby gets bigger you need to baby proof the house. It’s crucial that you keep the washing powders, chemicals, medicine, and all cleaning products locked away. “But for a new baby coming home it has to be very clean, it must be dust free as babies can develop allergies very quickly because they are just not used to it. Nevertheless, the most conducive environment for a new born baby is quiet and clean.

Buy the right sizes
Janine says that when buying clothes it depends on the baby’s size but the average size babies are 3.2 kilos. “I would suggest that you buy three or four sets for the new born, a few zero to three months and then you go over to six to twelve months. But they normally fit into zero to three months and not older than that, so don’t buy too many new born sizes unless your baby is very small.

Accessories can be a luxury but what one needs to have without a doubt is a car sear to transport the baby from the hospital to their home. It is also best to have a carry cot that you can carry around and it’s more comfortable. And then maybe a baby sling.

Janine highlights that it is important to have a thermometer to check the baby’s temperature and to measure water temperature which is very important for the new moms. “If you are breast feeding that’s fine as breast milk comes out perfect for the baby. It all depends on your financial situation so if you have money there are the most amazing accessories on the market.  However, it’s not a must have in order to raise your baby,” she says.

What is also very important is that you take the baby for the checkups on a regular basis and for the injections. “A lot of people don’t believe in immunizations but I believe that since we live in Africa and we are exposed to a lot of diseases. If you can protect your baby you should and it also depends where you are. If you are in rural areas it’s not that easy but I think it’s even more important because the water is not always clean.”

It is also important that you weigh and measure the baby to see at the early stage if the baby is getting enough milk because if you are breast feeding you don’t know how much your baby is drinking so your baby’s weight needs to be monitored.

As the baby gets older they need to be stimulated, so they need to have a safe area to move around. Janine notes that a lot of babies die because of what is called “cot death”. This is named as such because babies can die in their sleep mostly during the first six months, but it can happen up to a year old.

“So it’s very important to check that when your baby goes to sleep that it’s not laying on the tummy and that there’s nothing around the neck that can suffocate the baby. Also check that the blanket won’t move up and cover the baby’s face because they can’t move to take it off.

“It is also nice to swaddle the baby so you take a blanket you put the baby on the blanket and you wrap it around the arms so the baby can’t move its arms. It mimics the feel of the baby in the womb,” says Janine.

A newborn baby actually has very basic needs, it has to be fed, it needs to be dry and it needs to be warm. Actually, other than that you don’t need any fancy things to raise your baby.

Baby and Kids Emporium is situated at Paullanic centre opposite Nandos and next to Sams Hobbies and Toys in Klein Windhoek.

Tel: 061 244 900

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