Monday 19 April 2021
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Decorating Your Home Office

1 2 3Today most homes have a home office. Mine for instance is a designated space for running my business as well as seeing clients and suppliers. But for others this could be the place where bills are paid, e-mails read and schedule planned and organised. Most home offices are neglected, being merely a desk and chair stuffed into a corner. I firmly believe that your office should reflect the same style and comfort as the rest of your home, especially if you spend a large amount of time there.

Start by making sure that your office size, desk, chair and storage suites the amount of time spent and the work done there. My home office used to be very small, and as a designer, a lot of the design work used to spill over into the rest of my home, frustrating both my husband and me.

Furniture should be functional yet beautiful while complimenting the rest of your home. If you spend hours sitting behind you computer it will be worth spending money on comfortable ergonomically appropriate chair. If your office space is on the small side, use space effectively. Floating shelves are for instance a great way of adding storage space for files and books. Make sure that your desk has enough drawers to suite your needs.

Without going for a chaotic mismatched array of colours (in terms of the rest of your home’s colour scheme), paint your office a colour that makes you happy and motivates you to work productively.

If possible, place your desk in such a way that you have a view. There is nothing more depressing than staring a wall for hours. If your office space does not permit this, hang a beautiful painting or picture on the wall across from your desk, something uplifting and inspirational. When placing your desk, also remember to consider the glare of direct light on your computer screen, which will tire and strain your eyes and cause headaches.

If you need to work without distractions, try and make sure that your office is away from the main traffic of your household.

As you are working from home, add some homey element to your office space. Where I would never recommend this for a corporate office space, curtains or roman blinds is a must in a home office. And for underfoot comfort, an area rug as well. If you are going to see clients at home, comfortable chairs are a prerequisite. Add some personal touches and mementoes. Try and keep your home office tidy and organized.

Printers, scanners and telephones are rarely beautiful, but try and hide unsightly cords are competently as possible. There are also some creative ways to hide some of these.

Make sure that your office has sufficient ambient and task lighting. For burning the midnight oil, make sure that you have a good desk lamp.

All in all, you home office should be beautiful, functional and personal.

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