Friday 14 May 2021
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The Unknown Beauty at Hardap Resort

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There is more to the beauty of Namibia than the traditional routes to the coastal fancy and northern stops. And just as such, there is more than just Etosha or the tall ventilated buildings in the city.
Less than three hours’ drive south of Windhoek, 260 kilometers to be precise, lies the unknown beauty of Namibia Wildlife Resort, the Hardap Resort. We dubbed it the ‘Unknown Beauty’ because many are yet to see that the country is just as beautiful down south, if not even better.
Those in the know say it took 10 years of designing and three years of building, which speaks to the results. One of many features that add a special feature is the Hardap Dam. The resort is built on the immediate circumference of the dam, close to the dam wall, which allows the guest to have a beautiful look of what is currently the biggest dam in the country. It opened its doors on 7 December 2015 but with a few that know of its whereabouts Hardap Resort should surely top your to-visit place this year for it is absolutely full of life and surprises. A lot to see, hear and explore.
The dam is a renowned angler’s paradise, and with its volume maintained at 72 percent it has seen hundreds of people flocking down south to experience the water paradise.
Built on rock outcrops on the mountains, the resort is constructed with love and crafted to suit the family but not leaving out the individual traveller who simply wants to zone out of the city life and come close to nature. The design of the rooms is not your normal day-to-day look as every bit and component fitted to the design matches the beauty package.
The resort offers a variety of accommodation choices. Groups who wish to just hang out in a circle over the weekend can opt for the dormitories that would feature 10 beds in one bungalow with one extra room for the group leader and a big braai area. The VIP chalets will give you a look and feel worth the value with two rooms and a beautiful view of the dam that allows you a perfect sight for a sun downer. Those who wish to travel with family can also equally book in the family chalets while single rooms are reserved for those who wish to enjoy the sounds of nature alone. Adventurers can take on the camping site for an exciting weekend.
The restaurant, which is built in a ship design, serves you with your normal home dishes but do not miss out the delicious stakes.
Another amenity that stands out is the swimming pool, which has attracted many from the town and the outside cinema that is frequently used as an entertainment hub but the stage has also been used for prize-giving ceremonies, matric farewell and other corporal events.
Besides the cold beer and the great wine served by a team of young nature enthusiasts, the resort opens up a galore of activities such as the boat cruise and walking trails that bring you closer to nature unlike that depicted in the city. Bird lovers will come to love the morning sounds of the variety of both aquatic and inland birds, but cannot miss the sight of the country’s most strategic great white pelican breeding colonies and a thriving freshwater fish institute.
The resort has a game park that is stocked with your normal game such as your antelopes such as the springbok, impala, kudu and Oryx, the mountain Hartmann’s zebra, giraffe, jackals, ostrich but few people know that the small game park is a haven for the rare black rhino which is a bonus to see.
The game park was temporarily closed for nearly 15 years until recently, as such, nature has not yet accustomed the animals to the frequent sight of cars. So, expect animals running away from game drive vehicles, unlike in Etosha where animals stand to pose for a picture or two.
The landscapes that mostly feature beautiful rocks are a true admiration especially for photographers who want to give clients a new natural background.
NWR is running a 75 % independence discount and Hardap Resort is on the list. Book yourself in and get to see the beauty of Namibia 27 years after independence. The fear of the unknown is beautiful at Hardap Resort.

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