Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Standard Bank recommits to Crayfish Festival

Standard Bank once again threw its full weight behind the Lüderitz Crayfish Festival for 2017, expressing its commitment to the festival held in the town where it all began for the bank.
“For us at Standard Bank, Lüderitz is where our first commercial branch in Namibia was established way back in 1915.
It is in this context that our annual sponsorship towards the launch of 10th edition of the Lüderitz Crayfish Festival holds great significance and value,” Standard Bank’s Acting Head of Marketing, Sigrid Tjijorokisa, said during the launch of the festival last Friday, on 24 February.
Tjijorokisa commended the Lüderitz Town Council for their continuous commitment to the growth of the coastal town. Once again, Standard Bank sponsored the annual festival with N$100 000.
Apart from the festival, Standard Bank also sponsors Harders (Football) Cup’ and the Lüderitz Speed Challenge, driven to contribute to the positive development of the town as a whole.
Since its inception in 2008, the festival has grown from strength to strength, cementing the quiet coastal town as a sought after destination for both domestic and international tourists.
The Crayfish Festival, coupled with other developments such as Lüderitz Waterfront and the N$15-million seal processing factory, which has provided the much-needed job opportunities, geared to fostering local and international trade has ensured that the diamond town is well on its way to economic prosperity for its over 20 000 inhabitants, Tjijorokisa noted.
She further applauded the mayor of the town for what she dubbed visionary leadership, stressing that Lüderitz is well on its way to becoming a prosperous town with upcoming developments like the second port at Angra Point and a 10 Mega-watt wind generation plant project, which is destined to take the town’s economy to greater heights.
“Namibia is our home, we drive her growth and therefore as a bank we are fully committed to developing the vibrant business sector and the region as a whole,” she concluded.
Hilaria Mukapuli, the Mayor of Lüderitz, applauded Standard Bank for its contribution to the festival, saying “I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our official/main sponsor, Standard Bank.
It is vital to state that any local economy can only flourish if we forge towards co-operative partnerships, and especially if businesses understand their corporate social responsibility to their community. To the local business just be aware that by investing in this event you are benefitting the community at large.”
Additionally, she said it was befitting to reflect back on 10 years dedicated to one of Namibia’s natural delicacies (crayfish) and to celebrate the creative way initiated to market the town, under this year’s theme, “Crowning 10 years of Crayfish Fiesta”.
“The Lüderitz Crayfish Festival was introduced as an instrument to promote SMEs and simultaneously improving the image of the town,” she explained.
Mukapuli noted that the Lüderitz Town Council values the contribution by all stakeholders in ensuring an effective local economy that will promote socio-economic development for the benefit of the business sector and community at large and urged them to continue doing so.

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