Tuesday 18 May 2021
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‘Simply You’ to award Nam Personalities

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.21.41 AMLifestyle and fashion icons will be honoured at the Simply You Magazine (SYM) Lifestyle and Fashion Awards that were launched over the past week at a local restaurant in Windhoek.

Helena Ngaifiwa, who is the brains behind the awards, says they are set to celebrate Namibian personalities and it will not be an up-tight but rather relaxed and calm awards ceremony that everyone is going to enjoy. “These are things that are celebrated internationally and thus we want to bring Africa to Namibia and we want to take Namibia to Africa,” explains Ngaifiwa.

The awards have a set of three categories. In the first category participants will be gunning for awards including actors of the year, radio personalities of the year, models of the year, stylist of the year, makeup artists of the year, fashion designer of the year, comedian, blogger and DJ of the year. The second category is the people’s choice, which includes most stylish female and male personality, celebrity couple of the year and TV personality of the year. The last category is the judge’s choice and it includes the most influential personality and the Namibian entertainment icon.

According to Ngaifiwa, every winner will walk away with a trophy with selected categories to receive money. The panel of judges includes international judges that are selected carefully.

The awards, which will be a permanent feature on the events calendar, will take place in September at a venue still to be confirmed. “We have very few categories for this year but we are looking at growing each year.”

‘Simply You’ is a bi-monthly magazine, which was first published in October 2015. It was an idea that was mooted by a group of friends, who wanted to bring out something for young people.

“We wanted something that defines simplicity, something that people can relate to and something that people can take ownership of. ‘Simply You’ for us was an ideal name. It’s simple and it’s you. So, whoever picks it up, they can take ownership of it because it speaks to every individual,” says Ngaifiwa, who is a co-owner.

To date, the magazine has nine editions and has featured Namibian personalities such as Maria Nepembe, David Mbeha, the Free Your Mind team, Pombili and PDK, with the latest edition featuring Tunakie.

The magazine targets everyone that is of the age 16 to 40 and has everything for everybody. “We are selling a lifestyle, so we are simply selling a Namibian lifestyle to any Namibian person that would want to look at,” said Ngaifiwa.

She extended her heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has been on the magazine cover saying that they have not only grown the ‘Simply You’ team but have shared their lives and personalities with the fellow Namibian child. “There are so many young Namibians out there who look up to our personalities,” concludes Ngaifiwa.

Application forms for the awards are available in the SYM editions until May. Alternatively, the application forms can also be obtained from the SYM team on their social media platforms.

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