Friday 14 May 2021
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Learn Your Lessons

Social media was lit over the past weekend, thanks to the brains that came up with the “…think they made it in life” phrase. I know most of us just posted because oh, well, it is fun so why not go with the flow but I somehow felt there was more to the phrase, if only I could talk to the person who came up with it. After having thought about it I somehow felt that to have really made it in life one has to master the lessons of life.
Life is a journey that comes in phases and it gets easier to understand the obstacles we face in life as soon as we realise that we live in phases. Think of life as a school where you have to go through different grades. In order to make it to the next grade, you have to prove you have learnt the necessary lessons by writing an exam. The obstacles, we face in life are combinations of our lessons and tests and those obstacles are the ones that elevate us to the next levels of our lives. The big question that one has to ask themselves is: what lesson should I be learning here?
Believe me, every single thing that you encounter in your life teaches you something new that you were not aware of. Take it this way, everything happens for a reason and that reason leads you to another destiny. You really just need to accept the fact that crap happened to teach you something, to push you to grow, and to encourage you to change. Use this as a drive to successfully change yourself for the better.
It is true, you cannot cry over spilt milk, so if you find yourself going through a difficult phase in life, rather not focus on the difficulty but on the lessons God is trying to teach you.
Giving in to life makes you weak and vulnerable. You may end up doing things that were not expected of you. You become sad and emotionally unstable, which leads to depression and beyond. Have been there, done that!
So what then? It is simple, you just need to take your situation apart and ask yourself: What is God trying to change in me? What is it that God is trying to show me? Who are the people God is trying to separate me from? When you focus on how difficult a problem is, it is very difficult to learn anything from it. I have learned that many of the subjects I struggled with in school, I struggled because I focused more on the level of difficulty.
When you stop focusing on how difficult your phase is, you will be able to take it apart piece by piece, assess it, learn your lessons and you will be able to move to the next phase because that is how you grow. Sometimes you need to pray to God to open your eyes to the lessons he is trying to teach you so you do not end up repeating the same phase later.
Learn your lessons now, internalise them and let them change you for the better, you will find yourself winning!
If you master your life lessons and make it to the ultimate phase, congrats bros you made it in life!

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