Sunday 11 April 2021
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Geingob missing the Keetmanshoop plot

Recently Namibia has been plagued by reports of ethnic and racial tensions between the various groups in the country, the most recent incident being the fights at Ileni Settlement in Keetmanshoop.
And weeks after that, the ruling party announced that Hage Geingob will address the Keetmanshoop community in his capacity in his capacity as party president.
Take the decision to hold a political rally in Keetmanshoop a month after tribal-fuelled protests almost tore the town apart in its entirety. Many would have expected Geingob to go there I his capacity as State President.
Geingob has on several occasions denounced tribalism in the country, hence Keetmanshoop presents an ideal platform for him to wear his Presidential hat and visit the affected communities in a bid to unite them.
Politicians in Keetmanshoop have obviously denied that the fights were of a tribal nature and they actually want us to believe that the brawl was prompted by the theft of a laptop and a shirt by one of the community members.
But the residents at Ileni themselves made it clear that theft in the settlement has been there but it never led to such a huge outburst in which the tribes were ready to ruthlessly beat each other.
Unity amongst tribes in Namibia is pivotal, because it is the one thing that cast a veil over of our diversities as tribes.
In fact this is a perfect chance to walk through the dusty streets of Ileni settlement and spend the day with those people and preach unity as the Head of State.
Spend the afternoon with them, listen to their problems, advise them accordingly and give them hope that all will be alright. Citizens are more concerned over national harmony and unity rather than party unity.
A perfect time to tell them that Namibia is better off through ethnic unity instead of minority exclusion and tribal fights.
Going to Keetmanshoop wearing his Swapo hat will do little to get the message across, after all, not all of the people living at the settlement are Swapo followers.
As the leader of the Namibian House, Geingob must address those living in the house he leads that the house can only grow if unity is the moral compass.
It is rather perplexing that all the people around the President would allow him to go to Keetmanshoop for a political rally in the aftermath of what happened.
Are we saying Swapo campaigns and party unity is more important than national unity?
Where are his advisors to advise him appropriately? Where is the Swapo Party leadership to guide him properly?
If I were Jeff Mbako(Presidential Advisor on Youth Affairs) I would go out of my way to advise the President to cancel the party rally and go in his capacity as State President.
If this is not possible, I would have at least proposed that the Independence celebrations take place in Keetmanshoop.
One can either conclude that the President is not open to take advice or those around him are not advising him accordingly.
Tribalism is slowly but surely eating away unity in the country, and to a certain extent politicians need to take the blame. Many of them have used tribal cards to advance their political agendas without considering its wider impact on the country.
It is one thing to sit in Windhoek and discourage tribalism and another to get rid of the nice suits to mingle and interact with the masses on the ground.
After all, the difference between saying something and actually doing what you are saying is clear for all to see.

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