Saturday 17 April 2021
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JJD quits hot NPL seat

Many have questioned his credibility to run the Namibia Premier League after failing to solicit sponsorship for the stagnant flagship league that has pushed breadwinners to the street since last year. Worry no more as the league Chairman Johhny Doeseb has thrown in the towel with immediate effect on 22 February 2017.
His resignation was the talk in the football fraternity as he issued a statement on Wednesday saying the same people who laughed with him went behind his back to plan how to oust him for their personal gain.
Doeseb’s resignation comes as no surprise following long and heated talks from disgruntled football lovers who accused the chairman to have no interest for the game of football. The chairman could no longer take the heat, hence his decision to leave the hot seat “to allow their broken bulbs to shine.”
“It is my hope and wish the envisage promised sponsorship will materialized now that I had step down for the good of the Game,” said Doeseb in a statement.
He continued to thank a few; “I would like to thank the few individuals within our football structures who shared the same vision and drive with me, and would like to urge them to continue fighting the good fight for the good of the game. Allow me to express my gratitude and appreciation to all football fans, supporters and the general public for the support during my Chairmanship,” read the statement.
His resignation caught many off-guard but the question now is what the way forward is.
According to league Head of Marketing and Public Relations Cassius Moetie, the Chairman of the League, in terms of the NPL Constitution, chairs the Board of Governors (BOG) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the BOG and the AGM did not meet as yet to indulge the resignation and take a resolution to this effect.
So, the NPL family are meeting tomorrow at which platform the matter may be discussed and the NPL will pronounce itself on the matter.
“In the event the NPL accepts the resignation of Doeseb, the way forward, logically would be, that NPL may appoint an Acting or Interim Chairman until further notice,” said Moetie
The fracas within the NPL started when league administration failed to pair-up MTC’s provisional sponsorship on the dates provided. The league has since been on the search for sponsorship in order to resume the game of football. Hundreds have since been turned to the streets due to the hamstrung league that still has its future blur.
In October last year, the league managed to solicit a sponsorship of N$3 million annually for the next three seasons from the coffers of controversial local infrastructure development company Groot Systems (Pty) Ltd. The owner of the company, Simon Kapenda was not present at the sponsorship announcement of his sponsorship on the day of the announcement.
This mean that the league has since been looking for any Samaritan to blow the starting whistle with N$21 million. The search for the remaining money has proved futile to date.
It is under the above that many felt the league needed fresh heads who could steer the boat to prospective grounds.
With limited or currently no breath of hope, Cassius remain adamant that the league needs a consortium of sponsors so that corporate Namibia as a collective supports NPL to minimise the corporate social investment budget of one single company to sponsor the entire operational budget of the NPL.
“This is not healthy and sustainable for the potential sponsor.”

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