Friday 23 April 2021
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Danric BMW : The comfort, the performance and the Ease

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Over the past week, Danric BMW held a ride-along day that gave people the opportunity to test the various brands that BMW offers.
BMW is a worldwide established brand and a market leader in the automotive industry and also the world leader in design and innovation.
“The core of the BMW product value is joy and everything is cantered to bringing joy to customers be it on the sell side or the after sell side. Everything is cantered on the customers and that is the core value of the product,” said Richard Wahl, the dealer principal of Danric BMW. BMW has a wide range of brands and within their brands, they have the ‘M’ and the ‘I’ brand. The M brand is sports, performance and on the other hand of M one has the environmental friendly products. And according to Wahl, BMW is also a leader in environmental issues and they develop very strongly into the electronic core side as well.
Important considerations when buying a car
Wahl highlighted that there are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind saying that it is very important for people to consider their needs. “Obviously your own need, what you need and what you are looking for. Do you perhaps need an SUV or do you need a sports car,” he emphasized.
Furthermore, people need to consider the structure of the deal taking into consideration the price, the interest rate, residuals, insurance and taxation.
“It is also important to look at how your personal lifestyle looks like, and ask yourself if you need a Convertible, Coupe or Sedan. In our product range we have so much to offer concerning the lifestyle, and that is why we cater for a wide range of products, from convertible to sports activity vehicle and so forth,” explained Wahl.
Resale, what affects a used car’s price?
The dealer principal said that there are various factors playing a role on resale. “We are in line with any other luxury brands and it really depends on what market niche you have bought and how big the market is,” he said. The other maternal factor is how much support the manufacture puts into a transaction
Wahl also noted that there’s a perception in the market the BMW resale values are low. “People say that you don’t get your money when you sell your BMW but the dealer never sees the car that change hands, good cars change hands and we don’t even see them. We only hear from customers that they got good pricing when they sold their BMWs and when they come here sometimes, they have already sold their used car and there is no need to trade so they basically then just come buy the new car,” he explained.
But, it all depends on how much support there is for doing a transaction, from the bank, from the dealers, from the manufacturer and that’s then where the customer benefits, so there are a lot of things, a mileage, the condition of the vehicle, your current deal structure and brand representation all determines your used car’s price.
The latest BMW
Last year BMW launched its 40i 7 series which hailed as the flagship sedan of the BMW line-up and it has been given a total overhaul, which includes fresh styling, a new powertrain line-up, a one-size-fits-all wheelbase philosophy and a high-tech interior. The 740i series has advanced features like blind spot detection, frontal collision warning and the lane departure warning amongst the others.
In March, BMW will be launching a new G30 5 series, which comes with innovation, dynamic and luxury. One of the outstanding features of the 5-series is the autonomous driving. “On the 11th of March we will introduce the car and it will come with engine derivatives and we will also have a drive day. There will be four different cars on display and they can all be driven,” concluded Wahl.

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