Saturday 17 April 2021
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Coffee table displays

Untitled-2If decorated correctly, a coffee table can be a key design element in your living area. Flowers, beautiful coffee table books, candles and trays will always be popular, but let us look a few innovative ideas.
Firstly remember that a coffee table has a purpose other than just being part of your décor (I am sure most men will be glad to hear this). As its name indicates, it is meant to place cups and glasses on. It is therefore important to make sure that the table is not so cluttered that it cannot fulfill this function. It will also make your guests feel welcome if they can put their beverages down making socialising and entertaining easier.
Start by matching the items displayed with the colour scheme of the room. For instance, if your colour scheme includes white, display only white flowers in a vase. This will make a statement as well as extend the look and style of the room further. If you do not like to be too much matchy-matchy, add a specific colour to the coffee table (e.g. book or art piece) and complement this with flowers of a similar colour. If you prefer to not go with flowers, which can become costly and requires regular replacement, use small low maintenance plants instead. Plant them in interesting pots for extra impact. Stack or group like objects together. Remember to stick to odd numbers when arranging items.
Alternatively consider selecting items that sets off the color of the table. For instance bold colours work well with a white or neutral table. For a dark coloured table metallic and fresh white items. For a clear table any colour choices could work.
A coffee table is the ideal place to display beautiful glass and crystal pieces such as decanters and glass candles sticks of different styles and heights. Arrange them on an oval tray. A statement sculpture can be used to add drama and height to your display. Beautiful boxes, whether matched or mixed are also gorgeous as part your table scape. It can also serve as storage space for unsightly remote controls.
A well-balanced coffee table will host objects of varying scales and heights. This will keep the display interesting. Just remember that the display should be so high as to be in the way of those sitting on opposite sides of the table or the television.
If you have a large coffee table, it could be difficult to get a proper balance. It is helpful to tape off sections into blocks. Then position objects within the squares. This works especially well for long rectangular tables.
If you have ample space remember that 2 coffee tables instead of one larger one can be an interesting alternative. Or why stop with 2, stagger 3 round coffee tables together in the same space. If you have a smaller space, remember that less is more. Avoid a cluttered and untidy look.
If your coffee table is a work art in its own right, ensure that the table gets all the attention and keep the display minimalistic. If you have a glass coffee table, which helps create the illusion of space, remember that the rug underneath it is just as much on display as the items on top. Therefore make sure that the rug is worthy of this function.
As a coffee table can be the focal of your living area it can also be a great place to introduce seasonal elements into your décor. In spring a vase of flowers would be ideal, in summer a bowl of fresh ripe summer fruit. In autumn place drying branches in a vase and replace them with dry twigs in winter.
A tray is a practical and stylish way by displaying your favourite mementoes, but is also easy to remove when necessary. It is also useful for giving structure and symmetry, anchoring items that might look as though like they are floating.
Always remember to make it unique to you, therefore introduce personal pieces and mementoes. As always I hope that this article has been informative and that you will enjoy redecorating your coffee table.
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